From Childhood to Adulthood- A story of Immense loss

During my childhood, I always looked up to the barhi bajis and aunties, and always preferred dressing up like them, or talking like them. As a child, I always found all adults so much wiser and mature human beings. I used to prefer their company over my age fellows, because I always wanted to be like them.

I never knew that someday, everything would reverse. Just entering adulthood and I have started envying children more than ever. I feel like I have lost a significant part of my soul, on the way up. There was a time I was a pure, pious soul, whose only interest was to eat and to feel loved. Now, as I peek at the blackened fragments of my existence, I wish I was a child again, so that I can gain back what I have lost.


Children, have a special attraction attributed to them. I always wondered as I looked at babies or little kids, what draws my attention when I see them. It is that innocence, which is painted on their faces. Children are always so honest and true in their efforts. Whatever they do, it is always free of an evil motive.

Now, as an adult, innocence is a lacking trait. We prefer sharper, cleverer, foxier existences over the naïve, subtle and innocent presences. We like to plot against other human beings, just to gain advantage. We like to cheat them whenever we get the chance, to earn a few more rupees. We like to manipulate them because our work is more important than their time.

Why can’t we be like children and get our hands dirty, not by playing dirty, but by just playing with dirt?


We all have, more than once during our childhood, tugged at our parent’s shirt and pointed to something, asking, ‘what’s that?’ That is because we all were new members of the world community. We all wanted to get to know our surroundings, because soon, we knew this world would be ours. How fascinating we found the flying birds, the scurrying squirrels, the budding flowers, the gathering clouds, the pouring rain, the red apples and the green spinach.

Now, majority of us have wasted away our brains in the process of growing up. We have abused our amazing intellect. We tend to ignore the amazing sensations our eyes, ears, hands feel for us. We like shortcuts; we memorize what is being fed without questioning why. Of course why would we, it’s just such a hassle, questioning something till we are satisfied with the answer.

Why don’t we try to search for the hidden treasures around us with the curiosity God has blessed us with?

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Children play together, fight over petty issues, yell at each other, cry on their way home but still come back and play with one another the next day. They fight and resolve their issues at that very moment. And then they come back the next day as if nothing ever happened. They promote peace; they don’t mean to hold onto the trivial cracks in their friendships for a lifetime and know when to let it go.

Us? Well, I don’t even need to elaborate on it. We not only hold onto that offensive word someone used against us a few months back, but we also plan to avenge that in some way, at some point of our lives. From domestic quarrels to international wars, we have failed as human beings to maintain peace and tranquility because of our ever-growing egos.

The will to express

If a child doesn’t like something, you don’t need to invite him twice to share his opinions. And you certainly don’t want to ask for his opinions because he will tell you exactly what he wants. It’s a beautiful gesture, children sharing their likes and dislikes, showing us that you only live once. You need to make the right choice right away, because life is just too short to ignore. They will make you do something even if it’s wrong.

The only difference now is, as an adult, we know what is right. Yet, we don’t have the ability to speak out when something outrageously wrong is about to happen, or is happening. We let it happen and live on as if the person next door is not our responsibility. At all.


Instead of growing up, we are actually drifting downwards, in terms of morality, originality and character. Instead of improving upon our crude instincts, we are dropping them altogether. And in the process, we are losing,

  • Honesty and purity
  • The will to understand nature
  • The will to deny what is wrong
  • The ability to maintain peace

Has it ever occurred to you why a child is the way he is? The answer is very clear. Children descend directly from God. They have been freshly filled with all the wisdom that makes human beings the higher species. That is what makes them pure, honest, peacemakers and innocent creatures.

What happens as we age? We just forget what God taught us, when he sent us in this world, and drift further away from the wisdom as the years pass on.

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Article by

Kashmala Adil Qazi

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