Choosing the Right Career! By: Ahmed Awais

Choosing the right career

The biggest dilemma at the moment our youth faces is identifying the right direction for their future and then pursuing it. We all are part of that society in which all major decisions are taken by elders including our career path. But question remains are those elder well aware of changing market trends that a person has to cater before choosing his career path? Mostly it has been found that in our society people follow trends that are set by other people and whether or not that child is competent enough to adopt that career path; they are not bothered.

Second biggest factor in derailing our youth from the right path is our poor educational system which has been standing on the pillars of lengthy course works and poor examination system but no actual counseling and grooming. Mostly in educational institutions it has been observed that students have only choice to opt for two major professions and that are either medical or engineering. By the time they graduate from colleges, they have no idea about choosing the right path if incase they are unfortunate in landing with any good medical or engineering university.

Now question arises that what is the best time to select a career?

Answer to that question can be given by taking in account lives of various successful personalities who are renown in their very fields. Mostly all successful people such as, Einstein, Bill Gates, Steve jobs, Walt, Sylvester Stallone, Michael Jordan are the ones who actually started their career off by deciding choosing their desirable direction at the age of 13-15. So in this age bracket this is the right time for a person to decide his career off and start working on all different possibilities of making his way smoother in that career.

Now the next step after deciding the right career path is to make a right career plan on a calendar with years marked into different milestones set in that path such as a first milestone could be of getting admission into the relevant university, then college and so on with other milestones in life.

To bring it to an ending note we should remember that if there is lack of opportunities in Pakistan at the moment, then we should start working on creating opportunities. If there is no platform then we should work on creating one platform.

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