Coeducation: Pros and Cons

Coeducation is the education of males and females in the same schools, colleges or universities.

People in Pakistan have always has mixed concepts about this system. Most Pakistani parents used to believe that such a system can only cause problems for the students. But as time passed, a change in their points of view has occurred. Nowadays there are two kinds of people; those who believe that this system of education should be followed, and those who believe that males and females should study in separate environments. Let us look at some pros and cons of the Coeducational system.

Advantages of Coeducation

Educational institutions are not there just for the students’ academic needs, the also play an important role in the personal grooming of the students. When on one hand the students are taught how to behave in a professional environment, on the other hand they must also be taught how to interact with the opposite gender.

Studies prove that students coming from a strictly coeducational environment are more likely to become shy, quite and introverted in the professional environment, even though they were the most expressive students in their class.

If the students do not deal with people of the opposite gender on a regular basis, it becomes rather difficult for them to handle pressure when it comes to dealing with clients or even colleagues of the opposite gender.

Disadvantages of Coeducation

Studying alongside the other gender may become distracting to some students, especially college or university students. Students belonging to underdeveloped areas for example, feel very nervous and anxious when they have to study in coeducation all of a sudden.

Students who have spent a lot of time studying with people of the same gender, can not cope with the coeducational environment very well. They come under a state of shock for a while.

I have explained both the advantages and disadvantages of this system to you, the decision is all yours. But do remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinion!


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fahad farooq

fahad farooq