Computer games are actually healthy

Games are healthy

According to the new research, computer games helps to reduce the stress of an individual and also boost their morale.

Brain Hemisphere

According to an old lady named as Cynthia Whitehead from Oakland. She was suffering from brain problems in the left hemisphere. She states that when she suffers from a high level of stress, she switches to Bejeweled game and get quick relief. She said, “it feels as if my mind muscles are on exercise, and I feel relax and happy.”

Professor of recreation and leisure at the Carolina University named as Carmen Russoniello. With respect to his research there are two hemispheres in our brain, and each hemisphere handles different activities and functions. That is the only reason they remain active and in a stable state, but an imbalance state in the brain activity is detected, when either one of the hemisphere is suffering from depression, stress or deep thinking. So a person needs to keep his brain in a synchrony state which is a balanced condition.

Computer games as a stress relief activities

On the six-month study, playing simple computer games or free computer games helps to reduce stress. It changes the players mood by making him more energized. However, it also balances the both hemispheres of the brain. While playing games, brain releases a special electrical signal which increases the heart rate of an individual and uplifts the mood of a player.

Gaming is good for you

Yes, there is no doubt that you might have heard about the risks and health problems associated with computer games like eyestrain, addiction, back problems or shoulder pain but the evidence is increasing that games are healthy for body and mind. Studies are categorizing students as video gamers and non-video players because students who play video games are sharper and have more ability to switch mental activities. They gain the ability of multitasking and improve their observational skills.

Improve mental abilities

However, do remember that not every game is helpful in making an individual mind sharp. There are certain computer games which require special thinking abilities and are easy to learn. They try to keep the brain state balanced and maintained.

So if you ever feel tired or depressed then take a 10-minute break to play a computer game. The small break will surely keep both sides of your brain healthy and happy. You will surely won’t feel headaches. So keep your brain in the synchrony state and ENJOY GAMING!!

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