COMSATS Result expected on 13th July,2015

COMSATS Result expected on 13th July, 2015 …..


Exams in COMSATS Islamabad had finished a week ago on June 30’th 2015, everyone is curious to know when the results are to be announced, for this I interviewed few faculty members and examination department, front offices and other officials so that I could know exact date of result but as you all COMSIAN know that it’s policy of COMSATS that they do not announce unofficial updates, so here are some answers to my only question, when will be the result announced, which I had asked officials;

  • Faculty member answered, “may be it’s 13th July 2015″
  • Front office of 1 department said ‘ it will take time like a week so probably next week’
  • Examination department replied, ‘sorry we are not authorized to tell you that.

Where there was freedom breathe on completion of exams there were hidden feelings of result which is more serious question mark on semester, everyone  is happy but inside they are dying toCUST_0 know results

Even there are students who know their results still ask, there are some who just expect good but do not waste their precious one minute going to their teacher and know result, but do not forget MashaAllah don’t forget the teachers,  we have that faculty who refuses to tell..

So finally we can expect result coming Monday on 13th July 2015.


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