Pakistani Cultural Taboo which needs to be abolished

If you do not know the term Taboo, then let me explain it. A taboo is an intense action which is prohibited by the society. Most of the people think that Taboo is a behavior which is too accursed, sacred, or passionate to undertake because divine punishment will be the fate of such people but judgment is done by the people of our society. There are many cultural taboos in Pakistani society which need to be highlighted. Most of us are also a part of it and play the role of raising the issue. Some of the common problems are also considered as cultural taboos because most probably you end up doing the conversation on your dinner table or have heard those matters in the gathering of elders. The younger and new generation have raised the question and have taken social measures to stop these taboos. It is significant for us to have a developed mindset to continue the movement and speak up regarding these issues.

Let’s go through the list of cultural taboos

Dowry Taboo


You might have read

“Dowry is not a mere evil, but it is a mother of many evils.”

Pakistan is a male dominant society and to fulfill the religious obligation “Marriage”, the burden is bear more of the woman family. Marriage strengthens the relation not just to two
people but between two families. However, dowry is a cultural taboo which weakens the relationship. It is a compensation given by the Bride’s parents to the Groom family. It can be
in any form cash, furniture, household items or vehicle.

It is common, especially in the modern era. There are many NGO`s who are taking radical steps to eliminate this exercise. They are working to protect the women rights and fighting against Dowry system. The most unethical and dreadful action is dowry. It is common against uneducated and illiterate people but still you will observe the educated people fulfilling it with pride.

According to the 1999 report, the cases of burning bride reached to 60 in 5 years. Dowry has gained the status and symbol in our society.

Honor killing


Honor killing is well-known term among the illiterate people as KARO KARI. It is an act of killing or murder. It is considered as a good deed to kill a person because of immoral behavior. The unethical behavior can be a demanding divorce, refusal to an arranged marriage, being raped, girls education, flirtatious behavior and marital infidelity or many related cases.

KARO KARI is a compound word which means KARO as a black male and KARI a black female. However, if any woman has been labeled as KARI, then the family members consider to be authorized to kill the KARI and the co-accused KARO has to restore the family honors. According to the report, female are mostly the victims of honor killings.

Child Marriagearticle-2543166-1AD97E4800000578-308_634x423

Child marriage is also well known as a term and often referred as VANI. It is a custom cultural tradition in which the young girls are forcefully get married as a punishment. It is a form of arranged child marriage which is concluded by the members of council named as JIRGA. Only the elder males are allowed to sit in JIRGA. The practice of the cultural child
marriage taboo still continues.


torn piece of paper with divorce text and paper couple figures

Many couples have to face abusive married life. The people of our society recommends the woman, especially wife to cooperative and bear the violence and infidelity because of IZZAT. However, there is no such IZZAT in living a miserable life. Divorcees are looked down upon and are known as failures. It is reflected as a shameful act and people judge him/her by character.

Trans communityTrans_violence2_purplecx2-04


Transgender in our society are more associated with prostitution and begging. It is very inhumane to live in a society where some people does not consider you human. Trans community has to face every sort of discrimination, and this is the reason they have to bear unwelcoming eyes.

Watta Satta


WATTA SATTA is also a cultural Taboo which means give-take. It is very common in Pakistan and less advanced countries. It a simultaneous marriage which occurs in the pair form such as brother- sister pair from two houses. It involves the pairs of uncle-niece or usually cousin. 90 percent of WATTA SATTA marriages happen within the same caste or creed.

Families perform and establish it as a shadow of a mutual threat. If a husband mistreats his wife, then the brother in law will take revenge from his wife. It is cited as a little domestic violence.



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