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‘We were in class 5 when it all happened.He was placing a bulb in a bulb holder when he got an electric shock and died a sudden death.I was in a mixed mood hearing about the incident,You cant call it lost nor anger,I had no idea what was going on.If Mustafa would have been alive,I would have been much social,would have gained much more from this life.He was very positive about everything.I miss him,I miss flying kites with him and getting beaten up by parents later.He was special to me’

‘One flaw in you that people point out a lot?’
‘I can’t explain things properly,sometimes can’t explain myself too.’

‘Your Inspiration?’
‘My Father,his loyalty to his profession.His quality of always being there for me no matter what happens.’

‘What would you say if you were given a chance to address a huge crowd?’
‘Mind your own business’
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fahad farooq

fahad farooq