A Day at the Old Home!

Sometime in your life, take out time to visit an old home. Just for a day, skip out on your hangout session, that outing with friends or a shopping trip, or even your classes. I promise you it’ll be worth it!

One amazing experience

Last week, a group of us friends visited an old home, and believe me it was one of the best experiences ever!

While on our way there, we were rather unsure of whether or not we’d be able to strike up a conversation with them. We were worried we might not say something that reminds them of their past and hurts them. Nonetheless we went ahead.

The old people greeted us with wide smiles and gently patting us on our heads. A friend of mine had planned to arrange a birthday party there, so we began decorating the main hall there, blowing up the balloons and pasting the streamers. There was this really happy uncle on a wheel chair, with the sweetest and widest smile. He dragged his wheelchair to the center table which we were decorating, and began helping us happily. He’d open up the streamers, pair them and handover to us to paste on the wall.

I was thinking of a way to start up conversation with him and here it came! He gave me a pair of green and white streamers at which I remarked how these were colors of Pakistan’s flag and asked him how old he was at the time of Pakistan’s creation. This stirred his memories and he began recalling the time when he and his family migrated to the newly created Pakistan. ‘Lets use the creation of Pakistan as a conversation starter’ I thought to myself, grinning.

Who gets the poster

Then I took out a decorative poster which I had made with lots of designs and a Quranic ayah giving hope, written on it. I showed it to another uncle and asked him how it was. He told that its really beautiful and that I should paste it in his room. He then started giving me directions to his room. While he wasn’t yet done, that same smiling uncle came over and asked me to paste it in his room instead. ‘That was so cute of them, each one wanting it in his room’ I thought giggling to myself. It was finally decided that the poster be pasted in the main hall so that they can all share it.

Next we went to the rooms of aunties and had hearty talks with them. What I realized there was that these senior citizens crave young company because they have so much to tell. All they want is a listening ear and they would go on and on with their stories and life experiences. They are the ones who have lived a major portion of their lives. And they want the youngsters to learn from their experiences.

Even with all the facilities being provided to them in the old home, they actually need people like us. People who can listen to their stories and life experiences. Who can take advice from them and make them feel wanted. While their own children have shunned them, let’s just try to give them the love they deserve. And that too when just a wee bit of chit chat cheers them up.

Birthday Time!

We then celebrated the birthday of one of the sweet aunties. Special care was taken regarding the food considering that diabetes and cholesterol problem are quite common in old age. The cake was plain cheesecake and there were fruits and salads. After some time, we then left the place with a happy heart and satisfied conscience, knowing that we’ve made their day. While we were about to leave, an aunty asked us with such eagerness that when would we visit them again. We told her that we have exams the next week and that we’d try to make it in two weeks’ time. She said that she would be waiting for us. It made us want to never leave that place and those people, who felt so happy by our mere presence.

Coolest dudes and dudettes on the planet

It was one of the best experiences of my life. To sum it all up, old people are actually some of the sweetest and coolest dudes and dudettes on the planet. They are fascinating and amusing and we can learn so much being around them. Having small talks with them are the best way to make them feel needed. And it can make a big difference not only in their life but in ours as well. They are full of stories which teach wisdom and experience. And some of the best and the most valuable lessons in life come from people who have lived longer than us. They have technically been through everything that we have to go through!

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