Need Better management for better economy ; save the extra ; Value Pakistan made ;

Economy of Pakistan is basically a consumption based economy. Most of its production is consumed by themselves. That consumption also includes wastage. Though we should think for more and better production, an immediate step can be saving the extra. and only a proper system can save our extra .

We all observed ups and downs in our vegetable markets . All of us know that mostly we get the best at very lowest rates. We all think at our place that some products deserve better price. If we schedule the production and requirement or demand, then we will come to know what is our extra. and how we can fetch best price of that extra.

We are basically an agricultural economy. There is a great potential in agricultural economies . It could benefit  if done systematically. We look at our government to set systems for us. We are mixed economy, so a large responsibility also is on our private sector.

If we look globally, USA is the highest exporter of vegetables around the globe. Its total exports comprise of almost 13.48% of total international trade. At the same time they are importing 9.59% of international trade of vegetables.

This shows that developed economies are not leaving this stone.They are best in this sector too.Though their main concentration is not this sector, but they are trying hard.


According to an analysis our second main exports are vegetables.Almost 14.53% of our total exports are vegetables. We can improve, infact we should because this is our main stream ,our strength. When we will improve in this sector, we will be able to collect resources for other sectors.

Right now Pakistan is producing enough, but because of poor management its unable to make most of it. As an immediate step, we need to develop a system.We need to control wastage of resources and sell our extra in markets at best price.Focusing on these two areas can benefit the economy in short run

  • Focusing on proper coordination
  • importing best preserving techniques
  • cheapest transportation routes

Pakistan has a great potential. We just need to take risks and trust our selves.

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