Dilemmas of Teenage Life

Teenage period is that part of life which is the most dangerous one because the kids start to feel the various physical and emotional changing within their bodies. They experience a whole new form of energy as they pass one after another teen year. This energy is the predicative of youth. And sometimes teenagers misuse it because they want to exert this energy out somewhere without knowing the good and bad consequences. But then this is why we say that teenage is the most sensitive part of a person’s life. Here are some of the dilemmas that every teenager has during their teens.:

Various bodily changes:

This happens with the rapid growth and stimulation of hormones. Body starts to get introduced with different hormones which are responsible for a lot of changing in body. In result, a teenager gets frustrated by the increasing energy levels. This is why teenagers tend to be rebellious and stubborn. They behave insanely and they also want all the freedom in the world. Parents do real struggle to get them nailed down to their right position. Yes only parents can do this.



Privacy matters the most

As soon as a girl or boy enters into his or her teenage the one thing they demand most is privacy. But they have a reason for it. They get to experience new things each day. Things that their parents don’t want them to know but the world does. So they don’t want their parents to know that they already know about it. It’s that part of age when a kid does not feel it necessary to share each and everything with his parents. They also do wrong things on purpose and then they need a little space to hide all those things from their family. This is why for them privacy is the most important thing at the moment.



Lack of money

Another dilemma of teenage life is the lack of money. You are no more a kid to spend that little money which you get every day from your parents happily on your favorite snack. Teenage life and its temptations demands you a lot of money to get your new most wanted things. Obviously your parents will not give you extra money because they know you would spend it on most wasteful things. Now how to make money is the biggest question of teenage life and most of the teenagers go for shortcuts to earn more in less time.


Finding the true guidance

Well a point comes when a teenager looks for someone who can guide him without judging and of course this happens when they have experienced falling. Parents need to shorten the communication gap between them and their teenager. Only this way a person becomes able to share everything with his parents fearlessly instead of worsening the situation more. Right guidance at right time will save you from ruin.

Teen life is fun and everyone miss it when it gets over. Don’t turn it into the biggest regret of your life and take it easy. Listen to your parents not because they are always right but because they have experienced it all once. Enjoy it to the fullest even when your heart breaks because you are going to laugh at it later. Hopes and expectations will hit you most in this period but you will have to stay constant. Keep it in your mind that this is the age of learning and all other charms out there in the world are not going anywhere. You have a whole life ahead to get them in your pockets.

Written By: Farwa Jasmeen

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