DO GRADES MATTER??? by Safia Baig


Oh! I got a straight A’s! Does that mean? You are so intelligent and you have learned everything and the kid who don’t get A’s in his result is dumb and probably don’t know anything.

Every kid wants to get A+ grade in every subject and want to shine. But what’s a purpose of education if you get those grades by craving books day and night without understanding the any of concepts.

Education isn’t the learning of facts but the training of mind to think.” –Albert Einstein.

The real purpose of education is to create self awareness not to earn money. We forgot whatever we learned in our school, tons of equations we learned for our physics test and those lots of formulas for Mathematics test which we never use again in our real life. But we never forget the moral values, self discipline, creative activities and the learning process we were involved in.

              “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

Grades sometimes show our abilities and sometimes not. Students should not be judge by their grades but by their ability to do something. Every child posse’s different qualities and a class of individuals should not treat the same. Kid who is not good at Art but his eyes shine when he saw math’s problems & a kid who don’t like math’s but his hands start painting by themselves when he saw something so beautiful have so much difference which we have to understand. A school should bring the best of his students and should polish their skills and they must not be enforce to get A+ grade in every subject they read. Schools should not produce high achievers only but good humans too.

A kid should learn what he passionate about. Now a days it has become a trend that every girl would be a doctor and every boy would be an engineer. Students should provide much space to choose their subjects and what they want to be.

“Don’t let what you can’t do stop you from doing what you can do.”

High grades never promise a good and secure future because companies like to hire motive candidates who have a deep knowledge about their job and have extra skills. Who think outside the box and wants to make difference and are beneficial for their company. You might found people in your surrounding complaining that they didn’t get a job according to their qualifications but less qualified people than them get higher positions and salaries.

I present my opinions not to say that we should not focused on high grades but should understand the concepts rather than passing test just by craving books. We must be practical about what we are learning.  And a kid who doesn’t get good grades should not be treat less everyone has their own levels of understandings. Capability should not judge on grades everyone should have a chance to prove them. Finals are never finals and failure is not going to decide your fade. Because the biggest test is the survival and it could only achieve by firm determination, hard work and believe in you.

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