Double Standards

Double Standards


We’ve created a world with expectations from everyone that don’t make any sense. We are always ready to criticize someone, no matter what.

Double standards exist everywhere. They plague our society like an invisible disease which people don’t realize they have. We like to think we are very progressive and advanced but the existence of double standards proves us wrong. Because as much as we like to think we are moving in the right direction, there are a lot of double standards that prove that we are stuck in the stone age most of the times.

Nowadays in Pakistan, majority of the population is modernized and westernized, where the shackles of this Pakistani society don’t bind them. But there is that group of people who still believe in the domestic role of the woman and the superiority of men; the submissiveness of women and the dominance of men. The ‘a girl in her youth should be locked in her parents basement and then married off whereas a boy can roam free, raping women and terrorizing the female population and no one is going to stop him’. Why? Because he is a boy. Although this is rare and more of a rural practice, it needs to be recognized. Women aren’t any less than men. Men don’t deserve more freedom than women.

In Pakistan, wherever you go, being a young female, there are men staring at you as if you just dropped from the sky. But it’s a normal thing. Nobody is going to stop the man from looking at you. But if a female looks at a man that way, she is labeled by society. It’s considered a bad thing. No one is going to teach their son to not treat women as objects and stare at them as if they are slabs of meat but everyone is going to tell the girl to wear more conservative clothing, to cover herself, to not draw attention to herself. In one way or the other, the girl winds up with the blame.

It’s just the way this society works. We can’t do anything about it.

Speaking globally, people are trying to drop their barriers and move past this. But people find themselves unable to change. It’s almost as if double standards are a part of our nature, without which we cannot survive. Double standards are wrong but they will always exist. People can’t live anymore without fear of a label being put on them just as people can’t live without putting labels on everyone. They are offensive and disrespectful, often for women. Society is aware of the crippling effects of double standards yet they cannot be eliminated unless we change ourselves and everyone complies. But getting everyone to have one opinion is impossible. We are human beings, everyone is different. Everyone has their own opinions.

Many people agree that both genders are equally targeted, though society’s pre established double standards prevent people from understanding this. While some people might think men have it harder, most people agree that being a woman is harder.

We live in a society where being a girl is difficult. You are constantly the ‘object’ of attention of majority of the male population, you have the restrains of the Pakistani Islamic society, you have the pressure from your parents to do something worthwhile with your life, and make them proud. You have to act a certain way, dress a certain way, speak a certain way and basically your whole life is planned out and pre determined; education, marriage, slavery, death.

I personally think women have to face more double standards than men. One of the most common is appearance. Women are constantly scrutinized for how they look. If a woman is wearing too much makeup, people say she is trying too hard. When she wears no makeup, people tell her she should wear makeup, she looks ‘tired’. If a woman is seen in a public place in her pajamas with no makeup, people talk shit about her. But if it’s a man in his ‘fresh out of bed’ glory, he is considered ‘attractive’. A man who speaks his mind is considered to have great leadership skills. But a woman who speaks her mind is bossy and arrogant. In action movies, when is the woman shown as the hero? How many action movies are about female strength? Curse words also have double standards. The worst thing you call a woman is a woman. Do you ever call a girl ‘dog’? No, it’s always ‘bitch’. The worst thing you call a man is a woman. Being called a girl is the greatest insult for man. So, is being a woman the greatest insult?

Men also have it hard in some ways. They have to always be strong and independent. They have to work and earn money to support their families, which women can stay at home and not work. They have to have a certain ‘physique’ or they are considered unattractive. But women also face this problem. A man needs to be tall and strong. A woman needs to be thin and curvy. Society has engraved it into the minds of people that if a person is anything other than this, he or she isn’t socially acceptable.

In Pakistan, gender discrimination is a big problem. Coupled with double standards, this society is brutal. Unless you fit society’s requirements, you’re destroyed. And we can’t end this. We can write articles, have rallies, and even threaten people. They are never going to stop judging. We go around telling women to be themselves, but are we willing to accept them the way they are without the constrains of society?

It’s sad how plastic and artificial life has become. It gets harder and harder to find something real. –The Other Side of Life, (Jess C. Scott)

How beautiful would it be if we could see souls instead of bodies, compassion instead of curves? –Karen Quanyouth times double standards

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