Dr Muhammad Islam – Director IQRA University

Dr Muhammad Islam – Director IQRA University

In any university apart from education, keeping students engaged in extra curricular activities is of great importance and when it comes to such activities, Iqra University is formidable because of a charismatic personality  “Dr Muhammad Islam”. Being the director of the institute, he is doing a magnificent work in engaging our students in extra curricular activities. He has always focused upon bringing the best in students. Tectiqs is a mega event and he has played a strong role over the years in letting students reach the peak of their capabilities.

Students have in return provided Iqra university with a series of good and successful events under his great super vision . Through debates students have been able to express themselves at a much bigger platform. The sports events like football , cricket and badminton competitions have also been an uproar in university. Just like that the signature event Tectiqs is also an example of how Dr Muhammad Islam has been able to keep students engaged in extra curricular activities. With more than 50 events in Tectiqs 16 it is for sure that this year Tectiqs will provide students with a better and bigger platform to bring out the best from students and for this a huge credit goes to one and only Dr. Muhammad Islam.

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By Muhammad Awais & Usama Rabbani

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