It is the human desire to stay in a perfect setting where he can do things of his desire. Life at its certain levels treat and retreat us in many ways where if ones think of an imaginary state to get out of the daily hectic bored routine. It may concern a person consciously (day dreaming) or unconsciously (while sleeping) during the course of time. The situations while dreaming may have a deep association towards the life impacts. Utmost desire of getting one’s wishes that might not got happened because of any tragic incident. The person might have wanted to fulfill it within the course of time( happens or didn’t happen). The sensual, fascinating mysterious parts of human race (silent/loud) intercepts the complicated part in brain which stores the highly sensitive strands of even the slightest happening in a particular time or era. Does the childhood moment happened in a particular time still matter? Why is it concerning the poor souls too much?
Unconscious /subconscious plays the main part in human psychology . More particularly in relations to human dreams and imaginings. It may emerge the childhood lost forgotten memory in the presence as it may be right there in some corner of your brain without having any conscious apprehension of it and  available in the current moment. How about getting a flash back from the moments cherished once? Definitely we don’t assume them consciously but unconsciously dear, our conscious might get over by the time while working on it from dawn to dusk. It gives you a satisfaction of doing it anyway.What about a forgotten wish? A long-gone desire? Things that matter most in our childhood, now of no importance at all? Then what about dreaming while closing our eyes?So, its a series of patterned or absurd thoughts while sleeping.
It may undergo the world of illusions. An average person according to Google at the age of 60 will sleep almost 175,200 hours, dream 87,000 hours with 197,100 or more. ooO that’s pretty good sort of thing I guess. 😀 Do we remember our dreams after waking up? yes! some people may remember only 7% of them…or less. There are several myths about dreaming from the age of human birth up till now there are many questions unanswered ,  where do they come from? Why do they come? Do they predict future? Do they show the human hidden desires?
Well human brain is the most complicated thing created ever. So, the images, pictures, things and illustrations created by it are beyond our conscious level of perception. Certain myths are observed about the types of dreams. Nightmares a type of dream which leaves you the feelings of depression, sadness, or may be frighting for the present or the future.It may be comes under a category PSN (Post-Traumatic Stress Nightmare).Its deals with a very severe psychic mental disorder mainly because of some family disturbing issues also the sense of being lonely and suicidal thoughts occasionally. The sufferer may get ease if we hear the problems by consoling them anyway. Giving the positive tension-free environment and making them feel they are not being ignored.
The other type is somehow opposite than the darker nightmares. As its been the utmost desire a person wants to get spiritual religious eternity. Therefore its related to religion e.g. if a person sees the sacred places while sleeping, then it’s may be a good omen leaving him with satisfied feelings. These are the prophetic or happy dreams.
Well! whatever the dream type is, lucid, mutual or any other, it somehow deals with our general intentions which are hidden .If you stay positive and dealing the life’s karma bravely, how is that possible you won’t dream/sleep better?A positive attitude consciously help you to enjoy a sound sleep. We don’t need to worry about what we have seen last night in our dreams rather to follow our conscious dreams (daydreaming) and make them alive in this life. That’s the true fanda of life isn’t?

Happy you, happy dreams.

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