Duty on Eid?

857-Vector-Eid-ul-adha-Mubarak-moonEid is a joyous occasion for all Muslims around the Globe. It is a celebration of getting the privilege to fast in the holy month of Ramadan. It is also the time of vacation for everyone. People enjoy with their families, visit relatives and amuse themselves. But wait!?! Look who is deprived of this vacation? Look who is sacrificing for others? Yes you guessed it right, DOCTORS!

James Bryce said that Medicine is the only profession that labours incessantly to destroy the reason for its own existence. Doctors are considered next to Gods in many countries of the world. They are respected by everyone of us. No other profession is this much privileged! Being a medical student, I know it is the toughest job. You are not dealing with machines, there are actual people for whom its a matter of life and death.


The need of doctors is above all occasions and festivals. People can get ill anytime any day. There may be emergency situations as disease and accidents do not care about vacations, do they? So yes basic medical facilities are a must. Luckily, most of our public Health care Centers and hospitals are available on Eid days as well. Hospitals, both private and government, take steps to ensure medical help in case of medical emergencies. Hence Emergency departments are open 24/7. Imagine spending your Eid away from your family in a hospital and on duty just like soldiers standing on borders ready to defend their countries so people can enjoy peacefully.


Apart from all the efforts of Government and re-organized duty hour schedules, hospitals are short staffed even in emergency departments which  creates many problems. In order to compensate for this insufficiency, under-qualified and inexperienced staff are also employed which may create many hustles.


Our way of celebration has changed drastically. Firing crackers and roaming around the streets with our silencers on our bikes is considered a birth right. These are potentially dangerous and result in many accidents. The number of traffic accidents increases to a lethal level owing to stunts performed by bikers. In these conditions, the availability of doctors and well-trained staff is really important. So doctors do not get to spend their Eid with family. The duty hours should be reconsidered and assigned such that doctors may also get to have some leisure time. Instead of 12-24 hours duty assigned to some doctors, 4-6 hours duty should be assigned to junior as well as senior staff.



Usually hospitals discharge patients with minor problems before Eid and as a result the doctors in wards may become relaxed. They are also likely to engage with their patients in Eid spirits. Staying away from your loved ones at such a holy occasion creates a stress factor for them as well. Yes it is the part of their job to help people and cure them by making every possible step. They sure are being paid for it. But doctors are humans too with basic emotions same as yours! They deserve respect as well. Our society needs to limit its level of expectations too. Doctors are working to assist you and you should also play your part as a noble citizen, stay safe on the roads and eat healthy!


Advance Eid Mubarak folks! My you all have a peaceful Eid! Do remember the team of YOUTH TIMES in your prayers. Stay safe, stay blessed!

*Special Thanks to Dr. Yousaf Raza for his help in providing some of the important points discussed here.

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