Education System in Pakistan By Ahmed Awais

Education System in Pakistan

Once upon a time there was a crow, elephant, Monkey, Zebra and Fish all studying together in one of the most reputable School of the World. All of them had their own strengths and weaknesses and their educational system was designed in a way that they all can shine and move ahead by getting similar exposure and opportunities. Monkey was known for his strong analytical skills while on other hand Elephant was very good in problem solving skills. Zebra was a very good athlete and he was studying on scholarship he received through a very reputable brand which he was representing in state level marathon championship. Left were the crow and the fish that were very well known for their team work as both of them had skills under water and in air which rest were lacking in, so with the help of each other they outshined everyone else. One fine day their school was contacted from one of the best and most reputable school in some country where they were invited for “The Shining Star Competition”. To their shock when they arrived their first thing that they observed was that there was a selective class only privileged enough to study their and next thing which totally drew them mad was tasks and challenges for students all similar to each other targeting only one specific niche with uniform evaluation criteria. They were all out of the competition in first two levels and left back extremely disappointed and demotivated to their Countries.

Educational system of Pakistan is very much similar to this country where we all have to go through same rigorous learning system regardless to individuals own personal interests. Mostly good and quality education is for rich people in Pakistan but if we pay very close attention to it even the top notch institution are unable to produce quality Doctors, Engineers, Scientists, Teachers, Businessman, etc. The first and most important thing is to provide students with direction and path instead of directing them towards something vague which anyway they won’t be able to achieve in their lives. The actual role of parents and teacher is to find out strengths within a kid and then get them polished at the right place and in the right direction. By the time our students graduate from College they are so much confused with what they want to do in their lives that they end up going to Academies attending full day sessions for some engineering or medical university which anyways only 5% of them would be able to clear.

educationThis is only one side of the darker picture while other aspects include majority of students running from school due to family pressure or by getting into wrong hands. When in other parts of World where normal kids hold pencils and books in their hands, children in Pakistan are forced to labor holding screw drivers, Rubbish bags and in some cases weapons as well.

The actual job starts from here and that is playing our part in Social Economic Responsibility of this Country. The only thing we all need to do is to do our small part of jobs rightly and with ownership. Despite of spending 6 Billion PKR on Metro Bus Islamabad Project we can construct a University with all different blocks for different fields and with experts from all over the world working together to development finest cream of Pakistan. It can be a University with most highly equipped labs and a digital library with funds kept separately for needy students as well. Hostel and all other facilities are also possible by only spending 1/4th of the budget spent on Metro Project.

But sadly it won’t be wrong if I say that in Pakistan we have to buy Education for our children’s and quality of education actually depends upon your buying power. Another much needed and strong recommendation that we need to consider about our schooling system is to introduce Sports based Scholarships where all the potential sportsman get a chance to show their skills and use them in right direction by getting them polished by experts and at the same time receive Scholarship based education.

We all need to remember that change in our education system is not required form our Government side rather we have to take it as we all have equal stakes in betterment of Pakistan and it is our own responsibility to make sure that we provide our next generation with the platform where they can launch themselves. Last but not the least let us share some golden words of Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah,

“With faith, discipline and selfless devotion to duty, there is nothing worthwhile that you cannot achieve”

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