Education System of Pakistan is it a real learning? By: Nazneen Sarwar

Education System of Pakistan is it a real learning? 

Education is very important fraction of human life, without any diversity of male or female its play vital role in one’s life. If we assert that human existence without education is worst in present era it is counterfeit, worthless and meaningless.

Categories of Education in Pakistan:

When we talk about education in Pakistan, it’s in schools, colleges and universities, they also fall in three categories, these are, Government schools, Private schools, Madaris, Talking about the government institutions first, they are in poor condition due to lack of attention and shortage of funds.
Teachers are not given sufficient salary. Private schools, on the other hand are doing much better job. There are number of school systems which are well recognized in Pakistan like the City School, Beacon House school system, PCC and allied school etc. They are paying their teachers well and are giving them necessary training for teaching. The drawbacks of these private schools are that their fees are not affordable by everyone. Secondly their environments are far different as compare to government schools. Madaris are the third category of educational systems operational in Pakistan. They are providing Islamic education to mass number of students. After 9/11 the status of these institutions is badly out of action and now they are not taken as a reliable source for providing spiritual education.

The numbers of educational system that are currently working in Pakistan are producing no synergy but are creating differences and division among citizens. We have Urdu medium schools, English medium schools, and madaras. A student coming out of an English medium school is unaware of Islamic teachings and a studeducationent coming out of Urdu medium school gets slightest chance of obtain high-quality job. Madaras students are faction of youth that be acquainted with very slight about the outside world. Now, they require is to form a single system that can fulfill all the present demands of contemporary learning. This chain of command of schooling systems must be eliminate soon and an educational emergency ought to be affirmed within the motherland and the government have to engage the whole nation to overcome this war against illiteracy

National & Core Curriculum:

Here is a better require to recover and inform the national curriculum and core curriculum. Still today, our kids are learning those books which have similar curriculum that our grandparents used to learn. Beside with outdated curriculum/syllabus, the teaching techniques are also outdated. In sort to strike the world in the area of education, we should first improve and revise our curriculum and teaching techniques. Now the query occurs that should we initiate teaching western course outline to our students? The answer is that we should restrict the western syllabus primary then compose it accessible for our students. Furthermore, concentration ought to be agreed on Linguistic and mathematics as these two subjects are the bases on which attainment of additional talents depends. Especially English and

educationComputer studies must be madeobligatory from primary level. Special documentaries and activities must be planned, redesigned and educational trips ought to be arranged for the learning of the students. The diversity of systems must be wiped out soon. There is no need of a detach system of providing religious education instead religious education must be included in normal education. Arabic language should be started at primary stage as it will assist the student in upcoming if he/she is planning to turn out to be a civil servant or to come into in the occupation of Judiciary or Army. Beside with above stated suggestions, huge amount of financial support has to be allocated for education and the government makes it possible that these funds are not misused. Government should keep an eye on all the Ghost schools and teachers that are only in papers/files but physically they are not found anywhere on ground. These ghost schools and teachers are consuming resources, funds and donations which originally are the right of lots of other registered schools. Last but not the least; education should be made necessary and free of cost particularly for girls as they are the one who holds the future of our motherland.

Education is a Societal Instrument:

Education is the key instrument that can surely bring constructive and supportive factor to transform any society. It is the only signify to enlarge one socially, physically and mentally as well. If this device will not function appropriately then the entire nation will fall down. So the need of time is that each person must get united to make our schooling one of the greatest in the world and to invent our young generation in such a manner that they can participate with any nation in the field of education.
Education is a societal instrument through which anyone can direct his/her destiny and form his prospect. An uneducated man can’t revolve into a section of enhancement. Our Islam says dynamically that every man and lady obtain education. Education is essential for the social upgrading and enlargement and financial expansion of a country.
Education builds a renowned uniqueness and individuality regards. It assembles the potential of consideration and grants the route of accurate possessions. We knew the realistic character through the education. It improves us and stands on a skull, it makes the country admirable. We now close Islam in the light of education. It is the huge wellspring of development. It arrived at us to the current age of new engineering and science.

There is no suspicion significance of Education in Pakistan improvement is imaginable without a suitable and equipped human ability. Although education, more artistic individuals might be course of deed that can make the nation bent. Economy of any nation can’t get advance until residents don’t realize the monetary enlargement of a nation. Moreover financial structure is the foundation of development and expansion this has to accept. It assists the man to make sure and assure environment for concrete education. It helped the sequence it in the field of horticulture, science fiction, apparatus and other additional the most moderate fields.

Momentous Modernism:

It helped the man to make new and momentous modernism similar as multipurpose correspondence where individuals touch to other. Television additionally is the graphical presentation of education and by the use of TV, we know all true actualities of the earth and make us forward-thinking
Education in Pakistan is in a gloomy state when observe in stipulations of strength for socioeconomic development. Education is meant at to increase human potential through skillfulness, information and imaginative strength that, in turn, improve the socio-economic expansion. But satirically, in the contemporary Pakistan, still the importance of education has not been acknowledged and not recognized at lower level that is the need of the time. Although everyone acknowledged and accepts the role and importance of education in building a stable society, it turn into imperative that in Pakistan, the provision of education is guaranteed straight away and its strengthen and revival is required through practical polices with a realistic approach.
In Islam education has utmost importance though in every religion education having its worth and knew is importance Muslims leaded an age of fame merely by means of education but when they abandon it, they split into the age of misery and hopelessness. The West, today, dominates the world only because it realized education’s vitality to development.

Education Structure of Pakistan:

Nevertheless, the condition of education in Pakistan is far from satisfactory. The statistics of education present depressing and fed-up picture in all the six important indicators that include literacy, equality, quality, access, importance and environment.
Rural-urban division is an additional gloomy alarm, is reasoned largely due to economic inequality and condition of schools. People living in rural areas are comparatively poor and standard of education in those areas is also disappointing and insufficient.

The education structure of Pakistan is depreciated to the position where it at the present intimidated political, economic and social instability not only within the country but also causes an actual hazard for the globe at large.
Keeping in view the versatile responsibility and effort, education has to be given the prime priority. Our education system needs a massive repair and in addition to additional resources, there is a burning necessitates redesigning educational system for uphold output in socioeconomic zone. Following are some recommendations that provide a pragmatic roadmap to reform the education sector in Pakistan.
Primary education must be obligatory. As textbooks are proving free of cost similarly the uniforms, should be provided free of cost to the needy children and rewards should be given to them on passing examinations, that can be linked with donors agencies with proper monitoring system of both donors and needy families. Communications skills and Technicalprocesseducation and skills should be encouraged. All these subjects should be initiated at the foundation or middle level with proper awareness campaign in media both electronic and print media.
21st century is the era of Information Technology, hence, so significant and substance priority and value must be given to IT. Such policies should be adopted and formulated that talent stayed and remained in our country they have such facilities that encouraged staying here rather switched abroad. The superlative and highest decision that need to be taken on prior bases that policy makers ought to develop a homogeneous and standardized curriculum to eradicate and abolished these sub-standard systems that differentiates this noble education and our society.


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