Education the Ultimate Ladder Of Success by Affia

“Education is the Most Powerful Weapon Which You Can Use to Change the World”


Education is the most powerful and effective tool if one wants to excel in life’ without education you can’t reach anywhere and in this regard I would like to share a small story of a rural boy named Ahmed.

Ahmed was 7 years old and used to cut woods with his father. Ahmed’s dream was to study and earn the doctorate degree in medical science. His father worked very hard and made his son study and then there came a time when his son was a qualified doctor with all his pride.

So, this is how education completes your personality by vanishing the darkness around you and helps you in leading a better life and to become a better person.

As it is said in the above quote education helps to unfold the layers of mind while nourishing your soul too. In our society it is very important to educate the females as they are the building blocks of a family. They helps in the brought up of a whole new generation so it is very crucial to impart them quality education

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