Eid days now and then: Huma Ali

Here is a blast from the past – The Eid Days
The sun of Eid would rise with smile on faces
The breeze of Eid would blow the blues away
The birds would tweet the songs of happiness
The buds would turn to flowers to wear new dresses
The jingling sound of  bangles would jeer at weeping
The eyes would squint and blink for gatherings
The grieves would yawn and feel rested
The chortle of gloom would be left out in the cold
But now
The Eid is in stitches as the meaning has shaded
The sun of Eid rises with cynicism
The breeze just blows the rat race away
The birds tweet the songs of narcissism
The buds turn to flowers of jealousy
The jingling sound of bangles deafens happiness
The eyes clinch the shut-eye
The wheels of joviality seems to be punctured
The cachinnation of dolor wipes off the smile of beatitude

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yumna Iftikhar

yumna Iftikhar