Eid Gala with Girls!

The subtle, religious festivities of Ramadan end where the celebrations of eid began to start. It’s like a special Eidi from God Himself, as a token of appreciation as well as a compensation because the best month of the year is finally coming to an end. While the happiness and merriment is for everyone without discrimination, I personally feel that girls actually live up to the celebrations with the excitement and enthusiasm they show for the event. I also personally feel for the people who rate this feminine extravagance as ‘overdoing’. Never judge; life is usually a sad, hopeless affair, and these little lights of happiness tend to brighten up every girl. Well folks, here’s a few things all girls can relate to on eids and this shows by way of explanation, why we do the things we do:

The endless shopping spree

The shopping spree starts early in Ramadan for special, new clothes that are a shade different from our natural attire. This is something we plan for the entire year and are still indecisive about owing to the changing fashion trends. While some of us are purchasing cloth and running to our esteemed tailors to get them stitched, many of us suffice with ready-made dresses to avoid these stressful trips to the tailors. The coolest of the group tends to sit on the couch at home and scroll through drShoppingesses in the on-line catalogs.

With the clothes out of the way, shoes became our next big priority. Shoe matching is a delicate art; while sometimes its supposed to be of the same color as the dress, many a times its supposed to contrast the dress color. So what is it going to be? Gold or black? Heels or flat? Open or closed? These are the questions every woman asks herself as she spins around looking for the right one.

Jewelery, clutches and makeup accessories are optional depending on mood, ambiance and nature of your Eid gathering. One usually finds matching jewelery in one’s old collections. Some people like to sophisticate their looks with hand clutches and bags, which are color matched with shoes usually. Finally, everyone likes to add icing on the cake with appropriate make-up. From lipsticks to nail paints, everything has to be of the right shade or else not at all. When it comes to shopping, women are very particular about stuff.

Parlor parades

Looks may be deceiving, but who cares if they are convincing? A diamond’s true worth is shown when its rough edges are smoothened. Women, no matter how tough they act, are delicate and fragile. Whether they are housewives or working women, majority of them toil all day. Working while fasting actually wears them out. They require some time for themselves so they can relax. They need a ‘makeover’ to make themselves socially acceptable. Also, something relaxing always renews their spirit. Parlors are the best place to unwind, where they succumb to the relaxing massages, facials and other refreshing techniques of the beauticians. It’s a must-have before every Eid.

Mehndifying them hands

What is Eid without good, old fashioned mehndi? Everyone understands the gravity of this situation, from husbands to brothers to shopkeepers, who stick to universally accepted prices, thankfully. Earlier, back when our grandmothers used to be as excited about Eids as we are now, they had a manually mixed version of mehndi which they applied on their hands in definite simpmh3le patterns like one circle and potas or putting a huge glob of mehndi in the center of your hand and closing it into a fist till mehndi dries out. The resultant design used to be a ‘duck’. Some got it right and some didn’t and back then, life was just as simple as these simple designs.

Now, intricate flower patterns and paisleys drawn with much precision is the name of the game. Some girls like mehndi on every inch of their hands, others prefer empty patches, devoid of mehndi around a complicated design.

People either go to parlors for this or gather around that one talented cousin/ sibling who can fill both of your hands while laughing alongside you. Some people like to self apply, but still need someone to fill the hand they work with. There are 4 sides a typical girl can get her mehndi on; the fronts and the backs of both hands. Some people get some on their feet too, whatever way one likes.

Bangles for life!

Bangles are an integral part of our Pakistani Eid system. One can not just attend the Eid events without bangles! Don’t worry, they come in all colors, sizes and also one or two shapes. They may be glittery, matte or shiny; delicate glass or strong metallic ones.bangles

Sadly, wearing bangles is a dying tradition, owing somewhat to the comparatively high prices and somewhat to our newer generations’ lack of interest in wearing colorful bangles. People have lost sense of practical purpose of these bangles, especially since glass bangles break and injure so easily. The tradition has been somewhat revived with the production of metallic bangles as they last longer and one can easily do most of their work, wearing them, without fear of breakage.

Chand-Raat Shenanigans

With the announcement of Eid by the committee, everyone rushes to greet and congratulate their loved ones. Boys like to hang out, while girls like to hold small, pre planned gatherings in their homes comprising of friends or cousins to share the joy overnight. The main agenda usually comprises of talk sessions, application of henna or nail paint and going to the market as a group to sheer khurmahunt for bangles.

Also, in majority of the homes, the declaration of Eid is followed by mothers rushing towards the kitchen to make vermicelli or sheer khurma. This is a sweet dish (sheer meaning sweet), comprising of vermicelli and milk cooked up on the stove  with a variety of nuts. Its usually eaten as breakfast on Eid day and also taken and sent to various relatives, neighbors and friends.

Finally- the Eid Day!

This is part of the event in which both of the genders enjoy equally, but since usually male members are the earners, they are on the giving end of eidis. From meeting relatives and friends to receiving and giving eidi, the day gets better and better as it ages. Endless talks and discussions and laughing and eating session follow through the entire day.  Some people tend to travel to their home cities on or one day before Eid. Some stay in their own cities, meeting and greeting friends and relatives in the same town. The rest plan a full eid trip to a picturesque spot, either alone or with relatives, and enjoy Eid all the more!

While everyone seems to dance around on the occasion of eid, one has to admit that girls do it in style. Every woman prefers to look presentable and pretty and its a fundamental right. What matters is that we understand our limitations and refrain from showing off as we prepare ourselves. Its an event of spreading happiness; it is essential to keep in mind not to hurt someone with your extravagant tastes or loud gestures. Every being has a right to this happiness and we should entertain this idea wholly and completely.

Eid is a bundle of joy for all, especially the self-sufficient families who can provide for themselves. What matters is when you extend this bundle to the people who can’t afford it.

Eid Mubarak in Advance!

Written by

Kashmala Adil Qazi

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