Eid-ul-Fitr Celebrations Go Incomplete Without 6 Things


“Eid-ul-Fitr”, in Arabic, means “festival of breaking the fast.” It has mixed feelings associated with it, “the bittersweet taste”, because it marks the end of Ramadan’s blessings as well as the day of most celebrated event of the Muslim world besides Eid-ul-Azha.

Eid-ul-Fitr is here, the gift at the end of Holy month of Ramazan. A whole month of fasting ends in festive and joyous celebrations of Eid-ul-Fitr.

The excitement is unmatchable which is awaited not only by children but by eldest of the members of family. Months of shopping and preparation is done for the ceremonious Eid festival.

There are few essentials without which Eid-ul-Fitr goes incomplete. Let’s take a look at how the big event goes.

  1. Chand Raat:

Chand Raat  is celebrated the evening before Eid. Mela’s are set up and bazaar’s are alight with lights and are crowded to the brim with people.

It seems like life has been brought back to every dead part of the city.

 The excitement reaches it’s peak on this evening. Most demanded product is “bangles”. Mehndi stalls as well as food stalls are set up which are the biggest interests for the customers.

Without mehndi and bangles, Eid dress go incomplete for ladies.


  1. Eid Prayer:

Eid day commences with collective Eid prayer at nearest mosque by men folks of each family. “Fitrana” is given by each family at the mosque, as a form of charity, for the poverty-stricken people. It’s the first essential of Eid day in which kids like to participate to pray at the mosque and be a part of Eid greetings afterwards.


  1. Dressing up:

Men and women dress up in new clothes in early part of the day. Men get ready before Eid prayers while women do it later on after preparation of delicacies for the day.

 Girls eagerly get all adorned up with the “clinking bangles”, “gay dresses” and “pretty shoes”.

 It’s a great delight to see those little angels in beauteous attires.


  1. Sweet Cuisines:

Delicacies for the auspicious day are deserts like “sawayan” and “custards”.

Heart’s bliss is reflected through preparation of such sweet delights.

Everyone relishes collectively on the great feast. Without deserts, Eid becomes a lacking.


  1. Eid Greetings and Eidi:

Relatives gather up at one place who have not met for years.

Old grudges are shunned and hearts are all filled up with warmth of love.

 “Eidi”, the much awaited monetary gift, is given to “bacha party” i.e. children of families. It has always been a great pleasure to collect “eidi” from elders and counting them at the end of the day.


  1. Eid outings:

Most of the families go for outings at different place to add more happiness to the day. Some choose to go out on second or third day of Eid. Places are all crowded with people wearing gay dresses and sweetest smiles.

We all are familiar with Eid day essentials but it’s for those who are unaware of what joy it is.


Wish you all a very Happy Eid! Hope you rejoice and taste each of these morsels of happiness.

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