True Essence of Eid

True Essence of Eid

Eid is just around the corner. Everyone is busy in making preparations. From grandmothers to the girls of the house, from grand-dads to grandsons everyone has their own interests keeping them busy. What is Eid? Why do we celebrate it? It is a blessing bestowed upon the followers, who fast during the month of Ramadan. It is a gift to the Muslims, who show patience, kindness and resistance throughout the month to make their God happy.
Throughout the month, people spend time in controlling their ‘nafs’, praying regularly, reciting Quran , giving zakat and other good deeds that make them grow spiritually. One more thing that keeps us busy throughout this month is, Eid shopping! From ladies to men, boys to girls all want to look their best on Eid. During these last two days of Ramadan, the salons and the markets are full of people. Men seem to be getting the perfect trim and haircuts for the Eid day,the perfect kurta shalwar for offering Eid prayers followed by a matching chappal. While women seem to be busy looking for the perfect dress, that would make them outstand on the Eid day. Another thing that keeps women busy towards the end of the month is finding matching jewelry, bangles, visiting salons for mehndi, and other services that would enhance their beauty for the special day.

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Eid being an occasion of happiness and joy also brings a lot of extra expenses. Everyone at the offices receive Eid bonus (extra salary), so that they can spend the festival in the best way possible. We spend a lot during Eid. From cooking the best dishes and filling our tables with all kinds of good food, to giving out eidies to the young ones, buying the best outfits and going on family outings. A lot of money is spent during these days.
Spending money is good, but spending too much is against what we learn during the Holy month of Ramadan. We all are happy and we want to celebrate but we need to remember the needy people around us, the ones who do not have enough to spend this Eid joyfully unlike us, who have everything perfect for the celebration. They deserve the right to be happy and spend this occasion as we do. Look around and see the needy, the ones who do not have anything to be happy about as they don’t have enough to buy new clothes. Some of us buy three new dresses for three days of Eid.

Would it hurt us to buy just two this time and give the money of the one left to someone who cannot even afford a single dress? Just imagine how happy and satisfied you will feel if you see someone wearing a nice dress just because God has blessed you enough so that you can act as a provider to someone else. This is what Ramadan teaches us. It teaches us to feel the struggle of the ones who do not have enough; it is to make us experience the pain of people who work hard every day for the sake of two meals a day. Ramadan is the time to learn and Eid is the time to implement that learning. This is the essence of Eid, to celebrate it and helping the poor to celebrate it with you. So do not forget to implement what you have learnt throughout the month. Bee happy and spread that happiness around you too!
Eid Mubarak from Team Youth Times!

By: Aimen Saleem

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