Every night the nature and I have a mute conversation by huma ali

Every night, when millions of stars dance in the music of darkness and the moon smiles to cheer for the stars, I lay down under the wide, unbounded sky to feel the fresh wind of freedom on the spur of the moment.  Before my eyelids shutter my eyeball, I happen to have a mute conversation by observing the nature and receiving the signals it transmits to me. It urges me to think what I was, what I have achieved so far and on the face of it do I have what it takes to be on the right track in the future? As a result, the sky gives a cynical laughter that I have fallen unconditionally for my comfort zone otherwise; you. The moon mumbles that you are not born to cheer for other stars but you are born to shine even brighter among them. The falling star utters that falling is to carve your defects and jump even higher in the subsequent attempt. The leaves on trees make silent noise and whistle to whoop that go ahead and live your dreams. The sky, covered with black blanket, sings for me the song of brightness that there is always sunshine after every rainbow. In short, each word spoken by nature is not less than stimulation. Amusingly, it is not difficult to laugh that I neglect those signals and find sleeping a better option. It is sure as shooting that not only me but-also there are innumerable juveniles who might be having this sort of conversation to the nature every night but a few can successfully end this conversation in order to bring it to utmost practice but most of them refuse to mingle with nature and throw an achievement celebration on earth. However, they need the inspiration of pursuing their dreams and the motivation to attain them. As a matter of fact, they need to comprehend the language of nature or the other way round, it can be feasible if and only if they themselves seek for the right incentive at the right time or else they will waste their youth on trivial activities. It is quite likely that our youth is filled with creativity and talent but they don’t have the self-awareness just like a pearl hidden in its shell. A pearl cannot glow unless it is protected by the shell. In order to glow, it cannot come out itself but it needs the visitors of the seashore to come and take it out of the shell and let it be praised for its beauty and preciousness. Let’s be the glowing pearl not the gloomy pearl in the shell. Besides, let’s know that I am on earth because I meant to be here so why should I not live to make a difference? If you agree, start to make a difference with what God has blessed you. You can do it not because I say you can but because the nature speaks for you.

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yumna Iftikhar

yumna Iftikhar