DSC_0256Humans have this urge to learn more and more and this is urge what has kept us going for so long. In this age of exploration and knowledge, we have explored not only the depths of the earth but have also explored outside our planet earth. We know a great deal of this universe, its galaxies, its planets, its stars and almost every other entity that matters; we know about the great minerals in the depths of the earth and we also know about the stars above us. Even though we are also searching other planets to know if any other planet is inhabitable. We have different diseases in the world yet with medical science we are able to cure them. We have long distances between us yet we are still able to connect to each other with the help of the internet. We have these harsh climate conditions in some part of the world still we are able to grow fruits and veggies in lab conditions. We have this ever-growing population of earth and still we are able to get food for most of us by growing food with genetic engineering. We learned all these skills and got a great deal of knowledge so we could to improve our living standards and be in a better world.

But are we? Are we living in a better world from yesterday? Are we having the time of our lifetime?

Is “Evolved” the best word to explain what we are today. The question is have we even evolved or is it just something that we tell ourselves to satisfy our minds?

Well if it were the case for only about education and knowledge and exploration or having gigantic skyscrapers , paved roads , large fleets of ship , airplanes to fly , cars to go on land , internet to connect to those who are away , medicines to get cured of diseases , comfortable beds to sleep on and games or other things to entertain ourselves. If it were to just this yes we have evolved, we have evolved from being barbarians to being educated gentlemen, from being just the hunters in order get food to being the scientists that can even grow food in a laboratory. From being afraid of different calamities to being powerful enough to sustain them and even go through them. For all this yes we have evolved a great deal but in all this hype of evolution and getting a better future we left humanity behind somewhere; somewhere that we don’t even remember where. We left our values, our ethics all behind and we didn’t even bother to look back because we were so busy evolving.  


“It has become appalling obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”

–Albert Einstein


We are not what we were yesterday, we are we like to call ourselves “EVOLVED” !

We grew, grew strong, grew smarter, grew safer but not towards altogether betterment. We lost something on our way evolving. We grew a little more in age, a little more in knowledge and education but lost our human values. Today we have the knowledge and the medical science to cure an old sick man but we don’t have the time to sit by the same old guy’s side so he gets his little moment of affection and happiness, so he knows he has someone who cares for him. That old chap can get the best medical facility, the best bed to rest but what he really wants is his loved ones to be with him in times like these. Today we don’t even have time to sit by those who gave their whole lives to us, caring for us, being there for us when we were in need   but alas…

Today we can get a pair of new goggles everyday but don’t even bother to show way to someone who is not blessed with the blessing of sight. We can eat in big fancy hotels and don’t even bother to learn if our neighbors have had anything to eat. We like to get the best possible education for ourselves but we barely care if some talented student is not going to school just because his parents cannot pay his school dues.

After all this, I would not approve that we evolved, we were never meant to evolve like this we were never meant to be so inhuman.

We have a lot what we need right now like a better education, a better environment, a better way of living but somewhat a little less morality, a little less goodness, a little less decency, a little less integrity, a little less virtue. Concluding all this today there are a lot of humans around a lot more than there ever were on this planet but humanity is lost somewhere. Let’s just wake up that good part in us that slumbers in us for long. As this is my belief that even the evilest of all will have some goodness some humane qualities still alive in him, it may be like a needle in a haystack but it would be there. What we just need to do is to find that humane part and be humans.



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fahad farooq

fahad farooq