A Talk with CEO of Youth Times, Fahad Farooq

Here is the interview of CEO of Youth Times, Fahad Farooq. Have a look at CEO’s thoughts, motives as well as the idea behind “Youth Times”. 

  1. So, first tell us about yourself?

I am Fahad Farooq. I did Bachelor in Business Administration  from COMSATS Islamabad. Basically, I am an entrepreneur who hunts for innovative ideas. I am working as CEO of Youth Times, Event Horizon,  I did volunteer work for 7 years with various clubs and groups like UNITEE, Rotract etc. Recently, I  attended Youth Leadership Conference in Karachi as I want to do something for the youth of our country.


  1. How did you get the idea of youth magazine? What was your source of inspiration behind it?

As I was working voluntarily with different organizations, we did a lot of social activities but there was no such magazine to highlight youth activities and bring a positive image of youth. Our youth is far more talented and smart, our duty towards them is to support them. This sense of responsibility has been a motivating force for me. I discussed the idea with my friends to start a magazine which will then bring a positive image on the forefront.

  1. Tell me about the purpose behind your project?

As I told you that I want to display the positive image to the world of Pakistan as a developing nation. The road map of Youth Times project is to train and develop youth. We provide various opportunities to youth to help them polish their skills.

  1. How are you going to carry it onward to help and motivate youth to get involved in it?

Right Now, we are providing the opportunity to students and writers. By opening the internships and writing competitions, we are engaging the youth positively. Once they start writing then our editors guide them as per rules. We are training our writers with usage of Word Press by making their accounts on Youth Times. We will be giving certificates to our internees and work opportunities as well. Writing competitions are arranged and winners are rewarded afterwards. We conduct interviews of young achievers to aid them in getting recognized and be heard by others.

youth Times

  1. It’s a moment of pride for us as you took an initiative in such a thought-provokingly positive direction for youth. What do you think, how can we change the minds of our youth?

We can change the minds of youth by engaging them by providing the platform where they can showcase their talents and ideas regarding bringing a change in Pakistan. By providing them with the right platform we can help them voice their thoughts and to help build the name of Pakistan Worldwide.

  1. How much passionate are you about your work?

I am very much passionate about all my projects. Youth Times is one of my favorite projects. I give most of my time in developing it. Youth is an inspiration and we want to see them become great achievers of our country. Their victories will dictate our success.

  1. What other projects are you dealing with?

Event Horizon is a venture which is providing different services like advertising, printing and photography. It was developed 4 years ago and is being carried out in collaboration with different companies. is E-commerce business which I initiated 6 months ago. We are selling high quality products with money- back guarantee. deals in ‘anything and everything.’

  1. What challenges did you face while building up the magazine?

There have been a lot of challenges I faced but the biggest challenge was building of Core Team. Nowadays, we are working on it and Inn Sha Allah we will overcome it soon enough. We plan on making Youth Times a National level youth magazine.

  1. If I call youth times as one of your biggest achievement, would it be true?

Yes, you can say that Youth Times is one of my greatest achievements. When I began, I was alone but now people from all top listed universities are applying and writing on Youth Times.

There are a lot of people who supported and trusted the name of Youth Times like Anum Sharf, Izza Afzal, Fatima Anila, Yumna, Usman Shahzad, Haseeb Farooq, Khurram Mumtaz, Samina Fazal, Farwa Syyed and other writers from all over Pakistan.

  1. Where do you see your work or I would say passion in 5 years?

Youth Times is mega project which focuses on training and development of youth. This magazine is by the youth, from the youth and for the youth. In next 5 years, Youth Times will produce best writers of Pakistan, Book Authors and will be showcasing and highlighting the Icons of Pakistan.

We also have plans to produce trainers and facilitators not only in field of writing but in other fields as well. Youth can gain membership in our magazine from various fields. More competition will be arranged to encourage them. So, don’t go away, opportunity will knock at your door step soon.

  1. Any message that you would like to give to your followers?

I would like to advise our youth to work hard and have faith in the fact that they have the ability to achieve anything that they might set their hands on. To achieve success, “Be sincere with people and your work”.

The interviewer is Samina Fazal, editor at Youth Times.

Youth Times (C.E.O Fahad Farooq) by youthtimespk

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