Question: Why are we failing as a Nation?

My car takes a turn at a roundabout, named Capt. Ammar Shaheed Chowk, and pulls onto a road of the same name. A heavy weight drops in my stomach, as another road named after another martyr, Colonel Tausif Ahmed Shaheed, passes by. Every other road in this nation, every alternate roundabout, there is a memorial, a monument, trying to pay a tribute to our heroes so meaninglessly.

We stop at an intersection, waiting for the signal to open. In those 90 seconds, several beggars have come and gone, all physically healthy individuals, begging for money. As my father fends off a small child with some coins, I wonder if this is how it is always going to be; every individual of our nation, from the hierarchy to the destitute, begging for alms instead of actually doing something.

As our signal opens up for traffic to follow, a car from the left whooshes past us, even though their side of the signal was indicating ‘stop’. Amidst the screeching cars and blaring horns, we all try avoiding the crash because of that one hasty driver. The driver, who felt that rules are for stupid people and that his time is worth a few lives. I feel a bit shameful when I realize that we, as a nation, cannot follow the simplest of rules. It makes me feel even more embarrassed when I comprehend that each of these rules is for our own safety.

What a beautiful journey this is, where every next landmark is literally a slap on our faces. It’s reminding us over and over again, that every new turn we are taking, every other day, is a wrong one. We are constantly being pulled back to the drawing board so that we can reconsider our decisions. The history of our ancestors, flashes before our eyes every second, questioning us what happened between then and now for our world to change so much. We are but oblivious to the camaraderie around us, which clearly answers why are we failing as a nation.

A reason to celebrate

Our people are always so passionate about decorating the country on every Independence Day. We adorn our houses with flags of all sizes; wear green and white in solidarity to its colors and sing national songs as an accolade to our heroes and their sacrifices. The celebrations are essential for the mood of the occasion. They are part and parcel for the essence of the day. But when you celebrate something annually, you work hard for it the entire year. The annual day in schools marks the final day of an academic year, where you celebrate the success of passing individuals. It is a tribute to all the students who took out time and worked hard for their future.

When you celebrate the success of your country, you work for its success first. Our activities, for the entire year, should revolve around the interests of our own country. We should apply our own knowledge in our own fields and focus the result for the welfare of our country. Every individual is familiar with their strengths and weaknesses. It always comes down to the fact that the weaknesses are meant to be minimized in every way. They should be overshadowed by what we can achieve through our strengths. Lets focus on one little job at a time and surely, over a period of time, the little drops will join to form an ocean. Like the ants, carry your own weight and complete your own tasks. And in the end, we all might just survive the harsh winters.

And when you have worked the entire year, the result is always worth the celebration.

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