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Faiq Sadiq a student from HITEC university.

Biggest regret in life?’

‘Over-speeding is a thrill, I was experiencing it too. I get filled up with regret when I think of that day. I was riding a bike with my friend sitting behind me. We ran onto a women making her badly injured. We picked her up and rushed our way to her house. I entered the house and saw a small child walking using a cradle, and another playing with mud toys. We provided her aid and gave her comfort but she lost her arm making her cripple.She was the only earning hand of the family, I can never forgive myself for what I did.
Not taking it into self praise but I sold my bike to help her financially, still the loss can never be compensated.That’s the only regret of my life.’

‘Your Inspiration?’

Irtiza Hussain Akhtar all he taught me was to never support what is wrong and move ahead with self confidence.’

‘Saddest moment of your life?’

‘The friends for whom I stood for 3 years were never there for me when I needed them the most.’

‘Happiest moment of your life?’

‘Well,being appreciated by Khawaja Masood infront of the whole crowd for my efforts.

‘Biggest struggle right now?’

‘Taking HITEC to a level where it can mark sky 9.’

‘Something people don’t know about you?’

‘I have learnt 17 paras of the Holy Quran by heart. But after 2 years of learning,I felt as if it was not the right time and I stepped away.’

‘Advice to a large group of people?’

Never trust someone without a valid reason. Don’t work or contribute on basis of cast,language,area or culture. Relating to the elections if you support someone on the basis of the stated reasons, you would be responsible to any damage that is made but if you choose people on basis of their skills and qualities,you would play an important part in strengthening of The HITEC University.’

’10 years from now?’
‘Aaah,dressed up in a formal suit, attending a meeting or wearing police uniform and getting blessed by my mother, she being the most important person in my life.

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  1. haadibutt
    November 29, 2014 at 7:40 am — Reply

    Faiq sadiq is a real personality and most loving senior.
    good job

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