Faryal Shah – Supervisor Marketing Tectiqs’16

Faryal Shah – Supervisor Marketing Tectiqs’16

A successful event means a successful squad, a successful team and a successful group of leaders. This year Tectiqs’16 is filled with inspiring leaders who are making sure that the event goes down to be one of the most successful events in IQRA University’s history. We feel proud and honored to introduce, Miss. Faryal Shah as “Supervisor Marketing” . She is very forthcoming and she is an expert in motivating students to do their level best in managing all events. Ever since becoming a part of Tectiqs she has been contributing a lot towards the success of this event through her role. Her candid personality to castigate what’s wrong and to suggest what’s best for the event to become a mega success is itself an asset for the event. As a marketing supervisor she is guiding the students very well and the group of members involved in Tectiqs is always looking forward to her advises. Tectiqs 16 needs leaders like her and we are glad to have her on board for this mega event. Her presence is likely to incentive management of team Tectiqs in making this event successful. Success comes from motivation and motivation comes from inspiring and strident personalities who with their skills make sure that everyone involved is reaching up to their full potential. With her role in this event, it is without a shadow of doubt that she will inspire students a lot and it will be demonstrated by them with the success of this mega event.

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by Muhammad Awais & Usama Rabbani / IUIC

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