FEEL THE HIDDEN PAIN!!! By Maryam Jilani

The singer’s energetic performance,
Took the form of a sad melody,
The crowd’s hooting was heard,
But they couldn’t notice,
Tear-drops felling on the guitar…

The clown’s jokes that made everyone laugh,
Took the form of a fake smile,
The crowd’s laughter was heard,
But they didn’t manage to see,
The pain appearing on his face…

The actor’s dramatic dialogues,
Took the form of pure emotions,
The audience’s whispering appraisals were heard,
But they didn’t notice,
The purity of emotions in his heart…

The writer’s imaginative scripts,
Took the readers to fantasy world,
The reader’s remarks spread everywhere,
But they couldn’t feel,
The hidden feelings buried inside him…


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