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Observing around we all have seen this that people come and go in our lives but this life never stops it just goes on and on. As said time and tide wait for none similarly our lives regardless of anybody just goes on.
We all have the people we care for like friends and family, over the years the human body wears out and every one of us has to end their life cycle somewhere sometimes the reason is that the heart fails or any other organ stops its normal functioning and the person leaves us and this world and is said to be dead.
Whenever we find ourselves in this type of condition when someone close to us departs this life, we at first have straying thoughts about who is going to be the next now and also we think how we can live without our dear departed. Their absence leaves a big hole in our lives, we think we would never be the same in our lives with this loss but let’s face it at first it is quite difficult because when you see the empty room it feels strange to see that place lonely like even that room is mourning for its dweller has gone, or when you enter the house you always wonder to hear his/her voice, we always wonder they should not have gone but the days pass and eventually we get used to that empty room and move on.
At first we remember them every day everywhere, we weep for them pray for them daily but slowly the pain goes away and we get busy in our fast-lane lives. Then we might go to their graves in weeks and then in months and after that even in years and that feeling goes away. So what is this: a blessing from the God to get over our sorrows and carry on with our lives or some cruelness in our nature to forget what is gone.
Just for a moment if we think how can we be so cruel, how can we forget the ones that were with us some while ago those with whom we used to talk, whom we loved so much that couldn’t even have the whim to stay without them and now we live our lives joyfully without them well that is cruel.
But we see the other side it’s a blessing like what if all our lives we would just be stuck in the memories of someone gone, we would never be able to move on do something in our lives. All our life would be just shrinked to those memories.
Everyone loses people in their lives but this never means we should stop, whatever we might say about this like its cruelty of nature or a blessing from the God we should embrace it. We should seek new opportunities but we should not altogether forget them because they expect us to pray for them and we should.
Eid just passed and I hoped to write something ending with a happy note but maybe this mind is just too deranged for stuff like that. So sorry if you came to read something about how Eid was spent and all. Criticism is always welcomed.
Would like to dedicate this writing to a friend recently departed….

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fahad farooq

fahad farooq