Get Back Up  by Fatima Hamid

Get Back Up

“I, fell apart. But got back up again.” – 30 Seconds to Mars.

How often do we feel like we’ve fallen apart? That the world as we know it, ourselves, will never be the same? Too often, is it not? And yet we always get back up again. It’s amusing, yet astounding, how much a human heart can endure; how it breaks yet somehow never fails ceases to fulfil its responsibility. We call it a broken heart but in all aspects of reality, the heart in fact is far from broken. It is your spirit that has been crippled. It is mere emotion; and emotion, can be controlled. I’m sure all of you reading this can close your eyes and remember that split second where you felt your heart shatter, and the physical pain that follows closely. Yet here you are. Alive. Hopefully happy. Everyone hurts from time to time. Everyone feels the bitter sting of life and its disappointments. But one mustn’t forget, you would not have been put through this test if you had not already been deemed strong enough to make it through. Do not underestimate the power of a human heart, mind and soul. We go through hell and back, yet still find the courage to love, cherish happiness and find contentment at different coils of a spiralling life. It is difficult of course, and sometimes you feel like setting fire to the book rather than turning to the next chapter, but you will and you do, get through it. As wise men say, “This too shall pass.” 
You fall, only to get back up again. No amount of guilt can change the past and no amount of worrying can change the future. If you allow yourself to be strong enough to dust off the difficulties and walk through hell with your head held high, the world will marvel at your strength and no one would glow with pride at your extraordinary feat than you yourself.
You’re here because you are strong enough. You’ll get through it because there is so much more to life than what you’re going through right now. Normal is variable, what’s normal for me may be chaos for you. There is no normal. Everyone you meet, every day, is fighting a battle. Internal or physical. Though I can assure you, no battle is easy on the one who fights it. Have faith. Even if it is a mere sliver. Have faith and trust your destiny. Everyone finds contentment. Everyone eventually is exactly where they were meant to be. You will too. Just wait, my friend. Stay strong.

You can’t give up now, not when you’re so near. You’re an inspiration to so many around you.

And that is what makes you special.

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  1. NJ
    May 31, 2015 at 5:43 am — Reply

    Well articulated Fatima. Short and to the point. Keep writing.

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