How to get rid of mental negativity By: Sohaib Mirza

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How to get rid of mental negativity ?

If you don’t want a mess regarding any relation in your life, simply don’t assume or expect it in your mind.The real problem ignites when you start scripting a story in your mind. In which you create questions and come up with negative answers on your own. While the person, might not have thought like that about you.

Most of the time, our anger, jealousy or fear is linked to being dumped or cheated by our partner, friend or spouse. It compels us to think negative, regarding things that actual do not exist. It becomes a cause of your sickness.

First you have to figure out the problem and resolve it. But for that you need to address the word “misunderstanding”. By adopting some simple tips, you can free your mind from depression.


To get rid of a disease, you first need to accept that you are sick. And have to take medicine as per doctor’s prescription. Similarly if you want peace in your life, you need to accept that there might be misunderstanding and negativity (assuming answers of your on questions) from your side too. Write down all what you think you might be misunderstanding, and try to find the solution. Once discovered and admitting you
r wrong side means you are half done with the problem.

Don’t be Judgmental

*If your friend cannot answer your phone call doesn’t mean that he/she is ignoring you,
*if someone cannot give you time means he/she might be busy in their life instead of avoiding you.

 For example if anyone is actually avoiding you or not giving time, you try to figure that problem out realistically, rather than taking depression and damaging your nervous system. This will only harm you but no one else. And you will provide the chance for others to tag you with mental illness

Being victim isn’t your fate

Thinking all the time that you are been victimized by everyone won’t change the situation. But will make you mentally more disturbed. Adopting this mindset in routine will harm you causing “depression addiction”.
Depression addiction is one of most dangerous mental diseases in which a person unconsciously enjoys the depression and being oppressed. The worst thing about it is that mind stops working and thinking about all other things. And person who is an addict spends hours in that state.

 Choice of words

Write down all the concerns regarding the problem you are facing. And list the issues you think are making you depress. Try finding the answers of all questions by negotiation with the related person. And then ask even more details if you are confused with any answer. But be very careful while choosing the words and tone for questions. Your questions must be very clear and easy to understand for the others that what exactly you want to ask and should not give an impact of being aggressive.

After you get the whole story clear from other side you can easily take a decision which you won’t regret in future.

Living in the past

Another problem that usually causes depression is that you always recall the bad memories consisting of tension and your humiliation. It boasts your anger and blood pressure. The high blood pressure damages your nervous system by building pressure on it.

The easiest way to avoid all this is to think of your joy full memories full of happiness, laughter, love and a positive you.

This surely will help you improve your mental health also to progress in your life. After all a healthy mind is a healthy body.

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    very informative and helpful for closing the doors of negativity in our life. well done 🙂

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