We only have what we give!

With the Eid holidays almost at an end, the eid dinners and parties are almost over. Our fancy Eid dresses getting hung back in the cupboard along with those matching glittering shoes. The bangles and jewelry being put back in the cupboard. Now for just a second, think about the less fortunate ones, the under privileged class. The needy and the orphans, deprived of the everyday blessings. Those for whom eid might not have been as bountiful as it was for us. Considering the uncountable bounties of Allah that we have been blessed with, it is not only religious obligation but also our moral and ethical duty to give charity and share our wealth with the deprived ones.

Charity; Zakat and Sadaqah

Zakat is the charity that has been made obligatory on all Muslims. It is a certain fraction of one’s wealth, which is above the requirements of life, and is distributed among needy. The law of Zakat is to take from those who have wealth and distribute it among those who do not have. This rotation of wealth is a way to balance social inequality.a

Another form of charity is Sadaqah which according to Islam is not obligatory but rather a voluntary charity. It can be given in so many different forms including a smile, helping someone in some chore. Giving a wise advice, offering a glass of water to a thirsty person, picking up a harmful object from the road. Even just uttering a kind word is a sadaqah. The circle of those toward whom an act of charity may be done is equally wide. Even planting a tree or a plant from which a person, bird or animal later eats, or even sits in its shade also counts as charity. How beautiful is our religion that it has made even such trivial tasks a form of charity, and hence a means of earning reward.

Key to happiness

By doing these little deeds of goodness, we will not only be helping others. But doing these will teach us selflessness and give us contentment and peace of heart. The happiness that one gets by helping others is literally indescribable. The interior joy we feel when we have done a good deed is nourishment for the soul in this world. But it is also reward worthy in the hereafter.

Moreover even the latest psychological researches suggest that doing good for others, actually makes the doer feel good. Numerous studies have found out that people who often help others tend to be happier than those who don’t. Since depression, stress, anxiety occur due to overthinking on ones own self, hence a therapy for these that is now getting common, is helping others. It shifts our focus from our own selves to others, making us feel good and happy.

From today onward let us make a vow to ourselves to never let go of a chance to do these small acts of charity. Who knows these little deeds of goodness might become our reason of entering Jannah. Let’s also try our best to help the needy and destitute ones in our society. And be thankful to them for we may be fixing their worldly life but they are fixing our life in hereafter.


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