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God and Man

The history of man started Six Thousand years ago. Since then if we critically analyze this history, then the efforts of man bore no fruit. Out of all the living things, only human beings have the ability to think and recreate things. The rest of the living things are just for the enjoyment of man.

This thinking ability of man was given by God, to look deeper in the universe. But, the man did the exact opposite and took the world to a whole new different level. This level was nothing but the destruction of this universe.

“Another flaw in the human character is that everybody wants to build and nobody wants to do maintenance.”
― Kurt VonnegutHocus Pocus.

If I go deeper in the history, I see that man always had the craving for power. Moreover, there are only two powers good and evil. This craving led to a lot of wars and destruction and the victorious one was always titled as the God. As craving rose Christians, Jews and Muslims started fighting with each other and the world went into chaos. The Muslims had a large effect of these wars as they started dividing into eight small sub-categories. However, the Christians and the Jews had only two such divisions.

But, whose God is the right one? The answer to this question is still unknown. The most peaceful are the one who had no God or considered God as a myth.

The only point on which all the religious sects came together was that there will exist a day, dooms day or judgment day. Hence, each religion put forward their conditions through which a person will no longer be just a man but will be known as Muslim, Jew or Christian. By doing so, religious wars came to an end.

After all this man should had learnt from his mistakes. But, man was divided into so many categories on the basis of religion. This era had its merits as well because there was so much advancement in technology. Yet, this progress lead to the First World War in 1914.

After this war came to an end, finally, there was hope, peace and harmony or was expected. To establish peace throughout the world, a number of organizations came into being. But, still it was not enough for man because still the supreme ruler God was yet to be found.

But, this time instead of religious wars, wars were fought on the basis of nationality, cast, creed and color. In America there was a war between black and white people. In Europe, Germany had a tendency to eliminate all the Jews. This broke the Second World War.

The fundamentals or the foundation of Second World War was set by Adolf Hitler, dictator of Germany. All the countries that believe in the ideology of Hitler joined his side the rest joined hands to stop this menace.

The war started and it was one of a kind as it was fought not just to win it but, to eliminate others completely. So civilians were targeted, small children were killed, babies were taken away and cities were bombed. This was done just to prove the supremacy of their God. Again, man bore the pain and suffering in this war with no profitable outcome as millions were slaughtered and the rest became homeless. The countries’ economies were completely destroyed.

This bore a bitter moral that man instead of moving ahead, succeeding and progressing, he is going towards downfall. No cast, creed, religion won by the end of this war. But, by the end of this war man again become the only disease in destroying human race on such a massive scale. Still unknown that whose God is the right one?

Thus, the conclusion lies in as many few lines as possible that man of contrary ideas can never sit on the same bench. Hence, this will soon arouse the third World War in the coming future. Even in this war as previously no God will be able to win and even He does than man would be completely extinct by that time.

But why does not man make humanity its religion? I hope considering this will change the outcome of history. Yet, finger crossed…..

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