Life of a low GPA student by Maria Naz

 Life of a low GPA student

When a fresher man ask me, how is university going to be, I tell them “Guys universityis so easy, I got 2.3 GPA”. University is a piece of cake for some, but it’s not that easy for the rest. Legends say “A pencil and a dream can take you anywhere” and I guess in university dreams are stuck in counting GPA. Many students fail to maintain good GPA in the fresher man year, and some of them are late bloomers.

The reasons for our down GPA are quite obtuse. Our Moto at the beginning of every semester “I’m going to stop procrastinating this year” and a week later “nope!” We are never “stressed” about any task. Saturday nights turn into party nights. Nothing can motivate us for studying. Our only motivations are “Warnings”

Survival is the best option: Our talents include GPA and attendance calculation. We are experts in this field. Most of our time is spent in calculating CGPA and attendance, this happens near finalexams. When the midterm result is shown, others will be calculating marks needed to get an A or A- while we, Low GPA holders, will becalculating marks needed to pass the course. Having a low GPA seems the end of the world for some, but for most of us “it’s not about grades, it’s about survival”. We only do our hardest effort to bring our GPA higher than the red zone, “Lord Wrap your Loving arms around me”.

The “GPA doesn’t matter” motivation: They say you should spend 3X as much time doing homework as you spend in class each week and I guess 3X0 equals 0. A day before midterm, we check syllabus. We don’t always care about our grades but when we do it’s the end of semester and even though we didn’t do all the assignments and projects, we will still ask for extra credit .It doesn’t matter if you pass with an A or D, passing is passing.

The “what are your plans after graduation” trauma:When a junior asks you what are your plans after graduation, tell them you were born for comfort not for effort.

The issue which weighs most heavily on our minds is “How to get a job with low GPA?” .Career, job and hobbies everything is possible even without good GPA. Your GPA doesn’t define you. It’s your skills that matter the most. Getting a job is not about Grades it’s about being the strongest. Your focus should be more on developing and improving your skills rather than grades. Keep a track of the market trends, keep yourself updated about new technologies and try to learn as much as you can.

If you have a low GPA, the only way to represent yourself is through your accomplishments. You should be focusing on gaining experience rather than thinking about low GPA. Engage yourself in practical work related to your field and start building up a portfolio.

Whenyou are called for a job interview, be prepared to talk about your low GPA. They will definitely ask you for low GPA. Remain honest, but try not to expose everything about you. Not only tell them what actually happened during university but also try to highlight how you got out of there.

When you are in the final year and the GPA thing is done. Let it be a lesson learned. Smile, don’t frown, look upand don’tlook down. Believe in yourself and don’t let yourself get tracked into failure due to GPA.

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