Growth of Pakistani drama industry

Changing your career to acting and making cash with the skills seems one of the easy way to earn money. Like any other profession, acting also demands much effort, talent, and hard work especially when you are new to in this industry. There is no doubt that television industry of Pakistan has groomed and have become very famous worldwide. The viewership of the Pakistani drama channels is not confined to Pakistan but all around the world. The Pakistani artist knows how to cash their talent, and they are well aware where to utilize it.

It is evident that Pakistani drama industry is progressing and making an enormous progress every year.  The viewers have come across some of the superb story scripts and have seen the best serials. The drama industry is creating masterpiece one after other. Take a look at the past productions of the last decade which are as follows

  • Khuda aur Mohabbat on Geo TV
  • Dastan on Hum TV
  • Daam on ARY
  • Meri zaat zarra-e- Benishan on Geo TV
  • Humsafar on Hum TV
  • Pyarey Afzal on ARY


Pakistani Dramas riding a wave of glory

The Pakistani dramas and the rate of channels have been increasing day by day. The drama industry has become an optimal solution for entertainment. In 70’s and 80’s, the vast majority of viewership use to enjoy the drama serials. Various plays were watched by the loyal audience. The religious audience also keeps following the favorite sitcoms or series.

The famous actor Salman Shahid stated in his interview said that

“In old days there was only a state-run channel. The population of viewers was very high in number, and the streets get deserted just because people wanted to watch their favorite TV plays. Some shop owners close down their shops.”


In 2000, the Indian soaps were desperately watched in Pakistani homes. They followed the same story line in every soap with the same theme based on daughter in law and mother in law feuds and other members who keep on scheming.

It was a time when Pakistani dramas emerged with innovative script lines, excellent and talented actors and the decorated sets. The producers and directors have given the dramas realistic themes and made the series very pleasing with a unique style and best presentation. The viewers of television noticed the change in the drama script and the elements, and the audience began to increase like wildfire. It is interesting that audience has got beyond the clique of the script on home wives. The results can be clearly witnessed on the social media like Facebook and Twitter. Youth is discussing the characters, storylines and the cultural aspects of plays.



                                                                         Pakistani Hit serials

Massive viewership

The success of the dramas has got huge viewership. Even the sponsors for the serials have developed interest. Now the television serials generate substantial revenues. The budgets of the plays have increased, and the production facilities is creating the soaps with the international standards. In many dramas, the shot has been picturized in locations like London, Turkey, and New York.

So the new talents, young filmmakers who have bachelor’s degree in the professional field. Have a great chance to show their talent. It is a great platform which can showcase their talent. They have the opportunity to install new ideas and bring more innovative as well as add freshness in the industry.

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