She had always loved red roses But she forgot, everything has a cost!


It was a fine Sunday morning, yet the day was unique. The birds were chirping and the flowers were rocking back and forth with the gentle breeze. She was wearing a white gown and her black hair let down made her look exquisitely pretty. She could smell the fragrance of love in the air and possibly the universe was congratulating her, for she was a lucky one. She looked up and gazed over the clear blue sky staring back at her, perhaps they exchanged smiles. She was so caught up in her exotic surroundings but finally she fixed her eyes over to the red roses grown in between the expanse of the green grass.

She had always liked the red roses but today, their color was prettier and more genuine than ever before and today she had a reason to like them.

“Hon”, her mother said, “Why don’t you go and get dressed? I don’t want you to rush on the best day of your life.”

She smiled at her mother and said, “Just getting there.”

“Indeed it is the best day of my life”, she thought to herself.

Her dream was finally coming true. The one she dreamt when she was only thirteen. It had been twelve years since then but for her, they went by as twelve decades would. For a moment, she couldn’t believe her luck but she had always believed in miracles and sure enough, she was gifted with one.

At last she was there, standing on the lush green grass and once again admiring the beauty of the red roses. He was also standing, right next to her, on the same patch of the grass. She felt immensely proud for unknown reasons; seeing her arm in his arms. She looked at his fair skin and tried penetrating into his soul through his black, enigmatic eyes but as always, she couldn’t figure out much. Eyes were the windows to the soul, she had always believed but sometimes windows work on some obscure theoretical principal; revealing the vague mysteries which no one can believe anyway.

She was so engrossed making her way into his soul when someone interrupted her by shouting out, “Stop!”

The voice came from behind her so she turned around and saw a woman trying to catch her breath and speak at the same time, which was very peculiar for an event like that. She couldn’t help but think, “Why is this woman looking so miserable and why she is here anyway?” For a moment, her heart skipped a beat but before she could ask her anything, the woman again shouted in an ear-piercing voice, “He is not what you think he is. He is a liar, a cheater and a deceiver. He wants your status and money just like every greedy human does. He’ll ruin your life, just as he did mine. He’ll leave you all alone in the midst, just as he left me.” She held up a picture in her hand and asked, “Do you see this picture?” She could tell from the distance, the woman had a wedding picture in her hand. As she looked closely, she could tell, the bride was the same poor woman standing right next to the great star-crossed love of her life, her to be husband!

She went numb, her eyes started pouring water and her face was completely blank. Her lips were frozen to death, she didn’t say a single word; maybe there was nothing left to say.

She glanced over the red roses, and for the first time she noticed the thorns with the roses. She felt so silly, for she had always ignored the thorns. But you can’t ignore the thorns when it comes to roses, can you?

“His eyes, they never lied. Did they?” She wondered. “Eyes never lie; they always relieve the truth, irrespective of the person who possesses them or the one who wants to look deep down through them. They never lie!”

Suddenly everything started to seem black, his face, her gown even the red roses.

“Everyone wears a mask!” she whispered.

Just then darkness appeared before her eyes and the next thing she knew, she couldn’t even bear her own weight, it seemed more of a burden. She fell on the ground and wished to never get up again and fortunately, she never did!

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