Ingredients to Happiness In Life

Today, Life is full of challenges. Every individual,regardless of his/her social status, financial stability or instability is in a state of crisis. These crises are of different kinds and affect the individual on different levels.  We all are running behind something or the other, but have a common goal of attaining happiness. For most of us peace and happiness lies in physical objects like money, cars, good houses etc. For some, happiness may lie in having a good job, being famous  and for some it might be having a family, being able to go to a school or just being able to provide the family with two meals a day. All of us have our own definitions and associations with the concept of a happy life. Some simple things that can help us in being happy and satisfied with our lives are:

Knowing who YOU are: Every person is born special, and life is like a hunt to find out the purpose of your creation. Find out what makes you so special then the rest of the people around you. This is a key to happiness and self satisfaction. When you know what makes you so special and you start using that talent or ability for the betterment of others and of course yourself life becomes satisfactory

Trust yourself: once you know your talent the next step is to trust yourself. Know that people around you might create unfavorable circumstances. Sometimes the society may not be supportive at all but it is only you who can motivate yourself. You know what makes you special and it is alright to be different than the rest of the people around you. This is the actual test. It is when you have obstacles in front of you only then you get to know your actual strength. Once you achieve your goal and prove yourself, the satisfaction of that achievement will bring you the utmost happiness.

Realizing what you have: One of the most important elements of living a happy life is to realize all the blessings that you have. They say that the grass is always greener on the other side. People see how well others are doing in their lives, how blessed they are, how green is their grass. This comparison creates a sense of inferiority amongst individual. Know that the grass is only green where it is watered and given enough light and air to shine. Know that the things you take for granted might be someone else’s need. Always be thankful, that is a very important thing which makes one feel happy.

Unclutter your life: Eliminate all the extras in your life, may it be things, habits or even people. Choose the best things and in equal proportions so that you have a well balanced life. Give time to your family and friends but do remember that you need to give time to yourself so that you can do what you like to do.

 Help Others: if you see someone struggling or in need do not hesitate to lend a hand or help them. The most satisfying feeling in the world is when you are able to be there for someone in the time of need.

In the end, find your happiness inside yourself. Don’t try to find it in other people, because when you do, it always leads to disappointment. Expect less from others and learn to love yourself, and be yourself.

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