A Short Cut to Happiness- “ Smile ”. By: Nargis Nadeem

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A Short Cut to Happiness- “ Smile ”.

“ Sometimes your  joy is the source of smile but sometimes your smile can be the source of joy”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         – Thich Nhah Hanh

My Identity-Smile:

I know an excellent anti-depressant and mood lifter that has to be an indispensable part of our lives what so ever the statuses are. O certainly!!!! There you got what I meant. So say cheese J. I am the girl who, like many others, is known for her happy countenance and sociable nature. Smile is steadfast friend of mine, it is with me all the time. Else depends on me that how habitually I use it . This above mentioned quote is terrifically true and that’s what I have, a short cut to happiness i-e: smile. Short cut to success may not be virtuous but short cut to happiness, I mean smiling, has much to give you. It is accurately said that smile is the curve that sets everything straight. Ever since my infantile I am a smiling girl. And if I am not precisely sepulchral but I am not smiling, friends around me ask whether I am okay or not. This has been my identity and I feel like sanctified person.  Because with my smile and laughter, I make my  life more beautiful. Whenever we friends hang up together, we  become ever stimulating. Just because we laugh a lot. When we watch one another do something trivial or embarrassing, we smirk. When gatekeeper of resort place lets us off without ticket, we grin. when we friends are recognized for our top recital in academics or at work, we beam. When we come late at work or in class and our supervisor or teacher lets us get in without any penalty, we smile. Smile is very natural response that shares our happiness with others.

Why should I smile ? :

I know sundry people who are identified to be so rude, serious and scowled that they remain in solitude through out their lives. And one top most reason for that is none other than their “No smile policy”. Its truth that we have to perform according to the demands of situation but keeping specific cases aside, my opinion is to smile and smile even if I don’t want to smile , I do smile. I smile so much, sometimes I smile for the sake of smile. Before, this smile sequence may turn into a tongue twister, let’s smile. (yes this smile on your face! and you are looking adorable at the moment) I must smile for my own sake and for sake of others. How often do you smile in a day? Do you really smile every time you meet new people around or you see your friends or if you are among your workmates? If you do smile so frequently than you are strong enough to shape your temperament the way you desire. I do smile much and smile has obliged to be the best medicine to my blues and this makes me even more social in my life. Reminisce that there is a mind-body assembly even if u smile, as specific number of cells intricate in this process. Well, it turns out that the meek act of smiling sends message to your brain that you’re happy. And when you’re happy, your body pumps out all kind of good and happy emotions. Likewise when we are sad, our body treats us the same way as it reflects the sentiments. It was surprising for me when few days back colleague of mine told me that one of her friend usually hold a small pen or pencil clenched in teeth, imitating a smile. That’s what a psychologist advised her so that she may come out of whatever ordeal she had in her life. Since smile is the first step towards fixing things. So shouldn’t one smile for the sake of smile as well.? After all it leaves distinct kind of decent “after affects” on our mind and body.

Now is the era of advancement. We all own smart mobile  phones and on a lighter side we are in an era of *Selfies*.  If we are taking the one , we try to smile as good as we can for we know that this is going to make us look more attractive and then we fall in love with ourselves. That is the truth behind selfies. I just came up with that findings of many researches shows that both men and women were more attracted to images of people who made eye contact and smiled than those who did not. If you don’t believe me, see how many looks you get when you walk outside with that smile which you show up in your selfies and other pictures. (so I can see your smiling face right?) but don’t do this while you are in public place where no one knows you as this smile may whack back , especially if people of opposite gender are smiling. People like me who cannot control there smile where they need to be extra careful in such situations, must smile at their own risk. well  I feel so comfortable while I am wearing veil and then if  I am walking on busy road or commercial places ,I get complete opportunity to look around, enjoy, smile and laugh while no one can read my covered face.

Small Party in my Mind:

No doubt that smiling has so much to do with our immune system, mind, body and mood but beside going deep into biological and mental impacts of smiles, those who smile, better know that each time they smile , they throw a little-good-feel party in their brain. Actually smile is so contagious. I experience it almost every single day of my life. Just envisage scenario, you are just new at some work place, neither you know anyone nor others know you. You face your coworkers and you give a silent deep smile.  The other person unconsciously smiles back. Going a step forward, every time you smile at a person. Their brain coaxes them to return the favor and makes you both look more attractive and happy. So can’t we, cosset this whole world with our smile? The way you smile is just irreplaceable, smile again !!!

While getting ready for an interview, it was not only my attire, preparation and present mindedness but my smile that use to lift up my confidence and the interviewer had my first dint that she is quite poised before I could even voice or say something.  Smiling just feels so good that it increases our interest in whatever task we are into. Same like right now I am writing this all with interest for my mind is with

smile me as it is reflecting my smile. I smile so often that even if I am scolding any of  my students for certain reason, I end up with smile and cannot keep my  rebuking pulse for long. And with that I am good enough at whirling down  one’s glare, before the next person may shriek at me, status has been turned  the other way. It’s all because I smile so frequently. That’s how I see that when  I smile, whole world smiles with me. As we grow up , so do our problems but  don’t forget to smile. For it’s the cheapest but exquisite gift that we can  exchange.

 Isn’t it the time to turn that frown down ? now Smile!!! No matter what. No  matter why.


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