Happy Faces, Sad Eyes!

Pakistan is recently seeing a tremendous increase in the number of depression stuck people, particularly this new generation of ours. I myself have seen people struggling with it and that too without any psychiatric help. Going to a Psychiatrist is considered same as going to a mental asylum. Why don’t we take depression seriously? It is a real thing. People do break down and the signs MAY OR MAY NOT be apparent to the world. But there is a huge difference between depression and being sad. Sadness is a normal human emotion which is sometimes important and unavoidable as well. But as far as depression is concerned, it is regarded as an illness in which the normal human emotions get out of control to a point  where it is no longer considered normal. Here are some of the details about depression.



Young man sitting looking upset

Young man sitting looking upset

The signs vary from person to person but some of the common ones include the following.

  • Everything and everyone just gets on your nerves. You become very short tempered.
  • Easily agitated.
  • Strong feelings of worhlessness or guilt.
  • You are unable to feel happy, motivated or even sad!
  • There is change in appetite which is highly variable. Many people lose weight and still others tend to gain some weight.
  • Sleep pattern is disturbed. Many people suffer from insomnia and yet some Oversleep. Clearly there is a drastic change in the routine.
  • Feeling sluggish or physically drained. Even small tasks seem really tiring.
  • You want to engage in some kind of dangerous activity that might harm you.
  • There is trouble in focussing or concentrating at something.
  • There can be serious shifts in moods.
  • Suicidal thoughts.
  • Unexplained pain and aches in the body.





There are various types of depression depending upon the intensity and episodes of depressive attacks. This is actually a little more complex than a simple classification. Lets try to make it easier.

  1. Major depression- it is characterized by an intense feeling of sadness.
  2. Dysthymic depression- less intense type but persists for years.
  3. Adjustment disorder- this depression is usually in responce to a stressful situation.
  4. Post-partum- depression that occurs after childbirth in some women.
  5. Maniac depression/Bipolar- it is a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in a person’s mood.
  6. Psychotic depression- includes some features of psychosis, including hallucinations and delusion.
  7. Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD)- it comes in winter season when the daytime is lesser.





Depression maybe because of multiple reasons depending upon the type of disorder. Usually depression is found in people who were sexually, mentally or physically abused. Various other factors like being bullied at school or work, jealousy, or unequal treatment within siblings also contibute to depressive episodes. Use of certain medications may also result in depression like those for treatment of anxiety, sleep, hormonal disturbances and even some high blood pressure medicines as well. Certain drugs may also induce depression like sedatives, illicit drugs, stimulants, hallucinogens, etc. Depression is usually associated with cancers, or other chronic illness. Sometimes genetics can also play a major role.




Treatment of mild depression involves change of attitude towards life and can be reduced. This includes bringing healthy routine in our lives and yes positive attitude! There are certain medications also prescribed by psychiatrist that help alot. Milder forms can be treated by certain therapies and sessions with the psychiatrist/therapist or with the person you love and trust. Remember, depression always takes a bit time to go so you have to be patient with it. Get some social support. You are not alone, many people go through the same so do not feel shy in talking about it. You don’t need to discuss with everyone ofcourse but those you trust and who support you in everything. We know what you are going through and you are not alone. 🙂

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