The highly anticipated iPhone 7

The wait is almost over as Apple is expected to release its highly anticipated new phone next month. Yes I’m talking about the hugely awaited iPhone 7. People are expecting highly in terms of design, features and performance. A lot leaked videos and images are seen on the internet and social media about the iPhone 7. However nothing is sure yet. Compiling all the rumors, the iPhone 7 will have a slimmer design, faster processor, better camera. A pressure-sensitive home button with haptic feedback. Storage space is expected to start at 32GB. Dual camera and 3GB RAM is anticipated in the iPhone 7 Plus only. The elimination of the 3.5mm headphone jack is also predicted, requiring either Lightning or Bluetooth headphones.


According to Gadgets 360 as well as various other sources, the iPhone 7 is expected to come in three variants. iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro. The iPhone 7 will have a 4.7-inch display while the iPhone 7 Plus will have 5.5-inch display.


According to rumors, the iPhone 7 will be the slimmest handset the company has ever produced. It shall have a width ranging from 6mm to 6.9mm. As for the colors, MacRumors expects a new Deep Blue color for iPhone 7, replacing the old Space Gray shade. According to this leak, rest of the colors will be the same shades that were available in iPhone 6s. These include Space Gray, Silver, Rose Gold, and Gold.

Storage Space

As for the storage, it is being said that Apple will finally be raising the storage from 16GB to 32GB. Both the iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus are expected to start at 32GB. According to reports, iPhone 7 will be available in 32GB, 64GB, and 256GB variants. And research firm, TrendForce believes iPhone7 Plus will be available in 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB.


According to the latest buzz, iPhone 7 is expected to have the traditional 2GB RAM. But the iPhone 7 Plus is expected to come with 3GB RAM. This bigger RAM size will reportedly be used to compensate for the increased image processing demands, according MacRumors. The iPhone 7 Plus shall have dual-lens camera, having two cameras instead of one.


With the latest iPhone 7, Apple is expected to replace its old 8MP camera with a new 12MP one, And the front-facing camera up to 5MP. The iPhone 7 Plus is expected to feature a dual camera system, allowing for SLR quality photos. The image quality would be greatly improved with the dual-lens system.

iPhone 7

iPhone 7 mockup with dual-lens camera system (Image: Computer Bild)


Probably one of the biggest change in the iPhone 7 will be end of the 3.5 mm headphone jack. This will make “the phone thinner and improving its water resistance.” according to reports. In fact a recent video on Chinese social platform, Weibo confirms this rumor. This would force customers to use Bluetooth or other wireless technology to listen to music. Apple is rumored to be working on a new set of wireless Bluetooth earphones that would be sold alongside the iPhone 7. Traditional Bluetooth headphones have a wire connecting the left and right earpiece. However, the earphones Apple is rumored to be designing do not include a connective cable between the left and right earpiece.

New home button

The new phone shall have a redesigned home button, which shall not be a physical home button, but a touch-sensitive “3D Touch” home button, Mac Otakara reported. It will be a pressure-sensitive button that employs so-called haptic feedback. When the user presses the home button, haptic feedback will mimic a press. Even though there will be no actual button to press. But through haptic feedback, user will feel the sensation of pressing a button. In fact, according to another source, it would be more of a sensor than a button.


According to reports, Apple Screen Supplier Company, Japan Display, which provides most of Apple’s LCD displays, has recently come up with a new technology ‘Pixel Eyes’. This technology is said to responsive to touch input even with wet fingers. Hence there have been rumors that this time the new iPhone 7 will be a totally waterproof device.

Antenna Bands

According to numerous leaked videos of the iPhone 7, the antenna bands which are usually present at the back are expected to be shifted to the top and bottom edges instead. This will give it a mono-colored back design.

Stereo speakers

According to a few leaked images, speaker grilles are seen on both the sides of the Lightning port hinting that the iPhone 7 might come with stereo speakers. Another recent leak has tipped that the iPhone 7 will come with two sets of stereo speakers, like the iPad Pro, on the top and bottom panels of the smartphone.


A recent leak tips that the iPhone 7 will feature a 1960mAh battery. This will be a significant upgrade over the iPhone 6s, which has a 1715mAh battery.


Apple sticking to its schedule of launching new phones in September, hopefully this time as well, the iPhone 7 will probably launch in September 2016. According to rumors, the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus may be released to the public on Friday, September 16.


The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook has made bold claims that iPhone 7 will make everyone want to upgrade to the new device and people won’t be able to live without it.

Following are some of the leaked images taken from various sources that give an idea of what to expect in iPhone 7.

iPhone 7

iPhone 7

iPhone 7

iPhone 7

iPhone 7

iPhone 7

iPhone 7

iPhone 7

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