WCE; Hijab: My True Identity. By Auqs-e-mah Kiyani

What is Hijab? It is decency and modesty level for the women. A man is identified as Muslim with the beard but a women, as there is no physical mark of being a Muslim, can wear a Hijab to show her Modesty and that she is a Muslim lady.hijab

We, the women in Hijab, also face a dilemma in our life. We are considered as Islamic scholars with the vast knowledge of Islam and Quran, I myself have faced this problem when in an interview to a bank’s Area Manager I was asked “How many Surah’s are there in Qur’an? Which is the Surah without Bismillah? Which is the surah with two Bismillah’s?” just because of my appearance in Hijab and I was like “Mr. Manager I am not here for the post of an Islamic scholar!”

If we perceive internationally, a women with Hijab can easily be identified as a Muslim women, if we Muslim women do not wear Hijab in Islamic countries at least we should do it in Non-Muslim countries so that by one look it is known to the observer that you are a Muslim Lady. There is a major advantage of this action. If anyone tries to harass you or tease you, your Muslim brothers will be ready to stop them and defend you. But how will they know it if you are not dressed like your Islamic values teach you to? Distinction is necessary and we girls are lucky that Hijab is our symbol of reverence towards Islam.

There is one more foremost advantage of Hijab that you are more concerned with your self-image but not in a way of Physical appearance but with your real personality. Also it compels others to see you inner beauty and your skill sets instead of your looks and hair. Leave them curious.

Women living in Islamic countries do not face the hatred or harassment towards Hijab or veil but in Non-Muslim countries they have to face it, the gaze full of hatred and the look on their faces like we are the terrorists or the daughters of terrorists. I found a poetry regarding Hijab written by one of my Hijabian sister:

Going out to the world is a long journey

Every step I take, I do so with pride

Confidence is all they see as I stride

They cannot fathom why my beauty I hide

Though my beauty from the world I choose to conceal

I have an identity, a voice, and a mind of my own

My inner beauty to them I will happily reveal

Because of my veil,as a human, I have grown

Whenever I’m asked about why I do Hijab, I joke about it that I don’t have any hair or I do not wash them regularly but on the serious note I do it because I feel like doing it and it’s a part of my identity as a 2Muslim woman. It is not the symbol of oppression but it is a symbol of our beauty as a woman. Hijab is not a hurdle in your way to success but it is a tool to be used in the betterment of the society.

I hope it is worth reading and do share you reviews or comments below.

Stay Blessed.

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yumna Iftikhar

yumna Iftikhar