“Home” is a complete world then why a “broken home”? Theory of broken home. by Nargis Abdul hakim

 “Home” is a complete world then why a “broken home”?    Theory of broken home…  10371936_405581322951168_8049827485319364286_n

When we glance towards the basic definition of home it appears like “the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.”

So, from the definition it is clear that home is not only made of breaks, stones, Concrete, doors, roof, basement, bedroom, paintings,yard, garden or any other architectural design but people living in that home.

Although its animals too, who needs a home in shape of nest,Den, dog kennel, pig house, beehive, pond, anthill and shed. But there is a big psychological difference between a human like home and animal’s like home. It’s the immeasurable love, faithfulness,responsibility and care that keeps together, feeling which human’s adopt by beings attach to their homes

Subsequently they are shaped according to the environment of their homes. Where we are surrounded with different relationship and have sentimental feelings for them.

Relationship has a great impact in our lives. Infect we can say that whenever a human feels either low or solo they need a suave family/friend who could share the burden of their shoulder and hold on to them.

In this whole world it’s our home that we struggle for. However, no matter what so ever you do for your family you would never count. Since, you would always want to provide the best and the more to the people who live at your home.

Similarly family is a basic theme where the future begins. Almost people around, including us, comes from a family. In short, we all belong to one family who live under shade of a home.

In this case, people living under the roof of one home impact the life of other too. Their mental status, deeds, spiritual believes,politeness, manner, habits, the courage to face the up and downs, emotions,tolerance and mental stability etc…

However, our today’s world is quiet tough and to survive here, one need to be completely in pace with themselves and that’s only possible if they are grown in calm, loving and cherished environment.

Eventually, when a person comes out of their home, into practical world, to build their future they face more harsh realities. Gradually they realize that they live in a big country and even bigger world, where there are thousands of homes at the same town. To survive they need to have stamina to walk along the hard mountain and reach its top, of which they are not aware when they live in one corner of their home.

If the humans are not granted proper attention and nurture at home (their basic right) then they will always remain incomplete, they would feel as there is a hole in them which can never be filled.

That sort of people from “broken home” even suffers emotional stress, depression, tearful,lower educational attainment and it’s difficult for them to seek positive social interactions and engage in developmentally beneficial activities.


If parents are strong, loving, booster and stable the family members tend to have better life chances. Those family becomes a well known,successful/cherished family and beneficial for society.

Tragically some may never find or realize that they are giving harm to the members living at their homes. They make many cracks at home which can never be repaired and then internal conflict result to anxiety, disobedience, aggression and low self-esteem.

The people from broken home are neither beneficial for them nor for the world and the possibility that  they can make any better home/life ahead becomes doubtful, thus unfaithfulness is very much certain in their life.

However there is lot of hardship that come along the way but one need to tackle. Make sure that your love and firm is enough to spend a good lifetime.

Parents instead of throwing tantrums should outward their expression through calm and gentle word.Because I believe in one home, there is one complete world. Then why not to make a manifest world/home instead of destitute and pitiable home?


Nargis Abdul hakim

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  1. Muhammad Muzammil
    April 26, 2015 at 6:36 am — Reply

    Dear Nargis,
    Its so nice for me to saw you article, the subject was really fantastic for me. i know better than every one, i am far from family home, relatives and the values of those.
    Belive me the this made my eyes wet.
    Keep it up and best of luck.
    Wish success in your future.

    • August 26, 2015 at 5:28 pm — Reply

      thank you so much muzammil, and ameen
      same for you

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