Hop to Hopper Glacier – Hopper Valley

Among the jewels of nature gifted to Pakistan, is the diamond that is Hopper Glacier. Set in the Northern Areas of Pakistan, Hopper valley and the glacier atop it are famous. For one, it is  said to be the fastest moving glacier on the planet and secondly it has a unique attribute of not being blanket white and clear like other glaciers. Hopper can be traversed across in two hours on foot and is perhaps one of the most beautiful and serene place this writer has ever been to.

In contrast to other popular tourist locations such as Karimabad (Hunza) and Fairy Meadows, Hopper glacier, being less known, has the added advantage of being untouched and untarnished by the tourism industry. The industry experiencing the boom that it is in recent years, this advantage is not likely to be around for long, as people congregate from far and wide to Pakistan to  appreciate nature in its raw beauty.

Sunset en-route Hopper Valley

Camping on a glacier is an experience in itself and the zero cellphone reception in the area adds to its charm as a recluse from the hustle and bustle of a hectic urban life. The people in the area live a most simplistic existence with minimal material possessions. While some may argue for development of infrastructure to aid in the living of the people in the area, I find the lack of infrastructure refreshing. Only after visiting a place that is as nature intended, free of the structures that man deems appropriate for his standard of living, does one realize what a true eyesore modern architecture is.

If visiting Pakistan or the northern areas, I would recommend a visit to Hopper Glacier far more than a visit to the more popular Karimabad. Hopper offers a surreal experience that every millennial needs to experience to realize the error in the way modern architecture is taking over landscapes.


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