Remember the beautiful times when people loved dogs and had them as pets because they are cute and faithful. Those beautiful times may not be over but there is certainly something new. Now people want to become them! It might strike to you that I may be pointing towards the snapchat filter. Yes that too is a little bit of craze now-a-days. Cute little ears and nose might be an obsession of some serious filter fans out there! While I was still wondering why people would like to look like pups, I found something else as well. There are actually some people who want to become animals and live like them! Amazed yet? Lets go a little deeper into it.


Spot, A human pup

“SECRET LIFE OF HUMAN PUPS” is a documentary at the world of pup play. It might sound bizzare, but thats how some things actually are around the globe. A documentary shows the life of a Human-Pup named SPOT who takes part in MR. PUPPY EUROPE. Yes, competitions like this exist. Its not like anyone has forced them to become their personal pets but they actually consent to do so. According to documentary, it seems like they enjoy jumping up, running, barking and playing with toys in their specially designed costumes. These costumes are made up of rubber or leather. They eat like puppies, dress like puppies, sleep like puppies and they even have human owners or handlers.


Why would anyone want to be like that? Well, wait before you judge. Social anxiety may be a reason, or maybe because they were bullied as kids or even as adults. Or maybe just they want to forget about the worries of the world and enjoy just being a pup. In western societies things like these are normal. In my opinion, this is mainly because of the distorted family systems. Why am I saying that? Well, I will start from the very beginning. A child learns everything from his parents but if his parents are separated, having issues, divorced or worst, not even married? Or he is living with foster parents who might be alcoholic and do not treat children properly? That might be some hinderance to a normal development. Such children feel socially insecure and may feel worse s they grow up. They want to find some sport in which they can have a temporary relief.


A second reason could be bullies. In front of bullies, we feel powerless. People feel humiliated and that adds to their daily dose of frustration. And another thing could be lonliness. We keep pets at our houses because they are cute and it is like a hobby to take care of them. Many of us might have dogs, cats or birds as pets. I personally love animals and have had rabbits. Pretty cool right! But it is no more cool if your mother is allergic to cats fur or your sister finds dogs filthy. And it is not a really big deal even if we do not have any kinds of pets. What if you are all on your own after 18 years of age, living alone in your apartment and struggling to pay bills, taxes and rents alongwith attending school/college? It sounds like a really sad story to me! So, they are all on their own and their is no actual true relation they can share with someone. It is like the atmosphere is all depressing and rebellious that makes people do alot of wierd things to get “noticed” somehow and feel like everybody loves them.


Maybe they just want to prove that theory of evolution can work the reverse way as well. We might never know!

“We may be evolved, but deep down we’re still animals.” -Disney’s Zootopia

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