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What separates us?

Hard work does pays you, if not now then tomorrow but it will pay you and when you get paid ; you would not regret what you have been doing. So as it is well observed and understood that every successful person today has had to have a struggling past behind him. As no one has ever been the best from the day they were born but each and every person that we look up to whether they are some doctors, consultants, sportsmen or anybody else who we follow, if they are at some level praised by the masses they definitely have had worked real hard for what they are today. Working hard is the only thing that separates the best from the mediocre.    

Well now you might be thinking this would just be another article about the life events of some billionaire but this is definitely not like that. It is more over about you and me. This is about why we are not the ones praised by all, why we are the followers and not the leaders. This is all because they worked their lives off to be what they are now and what we do is get inspired by them, praise them, and think to be like them but the next moment we forget it and get busy in whatever we were engaged in. Those who we praise and follow are humans; they have the same abilities that we have so then WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE?!

Why not you are at some spot that people want to be? Why are we not the ones leading? Why are we not the ones treated like celebrities?

The missing piece of the puzzle, the key to the locked door, the answer to the riddle is strength and hard work. Life is strange and unpredictable. Life is not the same there are ups and downs but one should be strong to withstand its ruthlessness and be loyal to the goal of the life that is not to stop but to excel. Life is not about finding yourself but life is for creating oneself; to create the one we were born to be, to be one of the greats, to be one of them who transcend over time and their stories are told even long after they are gone.

Nothing is wrong with being patient as the patient ones get what’s their but they just get what’s left from others. So why wait when you can be the master of one’s own destiny. Inculcate yourself with action and not just words as it’s said:

                                                                  “Don’t say; Do”

Don’t wait for it to happen rather make it happen. Show reverence to your God, to your creator, but not by just waiting for the Almighty’s grace but to get up, pray and show up no matter what’s life has in store for you, you should be ever  ready for the challenges it hides in it and also be the writer of your own fate.

Everybody yearns for fame, money and glory but no one is ready to strive for it and work hard for it. So what are we; are we the ones to follow the mob or we are the A-listers who will get up and show them the way. So be brave, strong and go hustle like you own it.

This is not just a shout out to masses it’s also a note to self too. Who know who might inspire someone but if my writing inspires even one, it would be worth writing….

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fahad farooq

fahad farooq