All this hype about Pokémon Go

Flooding your newsfeed, isn’t it

If you are one of those people who has no idea about this game Pokémon Go that has been flooding our facebook, twitter and Instagram with memes, jokes, tweets ever since its release, then this article is just for you. People all over the world, including Pakistan as well are literally going nuts over Pokémon Go. This game has been making phenomenal success ever since its release and has become the talk of the town.


Brain behind the game

The man behind this game, John Hanke and his team of 40+ launched this mobile app on 6th July in USA, New Zealand and Australia. Hanke had been making games since his student life. He also had a big contribution in the creation of “Google Earth,” “Google Maps” and “Google Street View.”

Making huge success!

Produced in collaboration with Nintendo and Niantic, Pokémon Go has more than 30 million users playing it daily. Also, it has surpassed Tinder, the famous dating app, within two days of its release. Prior to the release of this game, things hadn’t been going too well for Nintendo. However within only 3 days after its release, this game has added a whopping $8 billion to Nintendo’s market worth. This has raised Nintendo’s value from $20 billion to $28 billion.

What exactly is Pokémon Go

Now coming over to what this game is all about.

Pokémon Go is basically an augmented reality game that allows you to hunt for and capture virtual Pokémon’s. These Pokémons are hidden in the real world, at different locations around the globe. Using your phone’s back camera and GPS to track your current location, this game maps Pokémons to the physical surroundings. And lets the user catch Pokémon in the real world; in the street or in the park, making it seem like they are actually present there. Hence it combines our real world with the virtual world. It’s like bringing life to a video game. After catching Pokémons, the game allows training and battling of Pokémons.



Play outside, literally

The best part of this game and the reason that has made it super famous is the fact that it takes the ‘play outside’ phrase to a whole new level. This is because in order to hunt for Pokémons, players actually have to leave their homes, their comfy couches. They have to run around and explore the real world to hunt for Pokémons. This provides exercising and fun both at the same time. Cool, isn’t it?


Not to forget the socializing aspect

Not only is it making people go outdoor but also bringing people together by helping them socialize with others who too are hunting for Pokémons. Just recently in Sydney, a little gathering, The Pokémon Go Sydney Walk, was organized in the street. Its was arranged so that the players could meet and greet each other, and surprisingly around 2000 people showed up, crowding the streets. Now that is some really huge and amazing socializing aspect that any other game has hardly ever achieved.

Get started

The amazing app is available freely on App Store as well as Play Store supporting Android 4.4 KitKat and above. Though it’s not yet officially available in Pakistan but you still install it manually. Click here to know how you can do that.

Once you’ve installed the game, sync it with your google account. At start you are given a starter Pokémons some Poke balls for catching other Pokémons. Then you start your hunt going around, looking for Pokémons. As soon as you see one, catch it by simply tapping on the screen where you see it, and the Pokémon will be captured inside the Poke ball.

Happy hunting, Gotta Catch’em All!


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