Oh, how i wish i could be a kid again. To be in a place where imagination is my best friend. Where dreams stay alive and the impossible seems so possible . Where going down the biggest slide which deemed impossible was the greatest accomplishment.
To be filled in the world of imagination and worlds within worlds of different people and scenarios.
To be a pirate. To be spies. To be a book seller. To be a car racer. To become anything you wnated to. With no one to stop you. No one to interfere in your world.
You made the rules in your world. You were the boss. You could do anything.
Imagination is one thing which keeps you alive. Its one thing that keeps the fire within burning, which helps to become creative and extant in this world.
One should not lose that even when you get pushed into the reality; the real world by the adults by a heavy head start and you fall down. Imagination is one thing that keeps you going. Keeps you inspired, having dreams, to belive , to hope in the impossible; to become a dreamer.
That imagination which adults deem useless and to dissolve it into a non existant being, is not infact pointless.
It infact brings out the creativity, out of the box thinking and helps you in the real world by giving great ideas and helping in your work. Pushes you to have faith, hope , belive and to not give up , that there always something more to hope for.
Sometimes it helps to bring you back into becoming a kid again, sometimes one needs that. To feel childish, laugh, have fun and to get away from the troubles of life.

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fahad farooq

fahad farooq