What kind of role models we are setting up in present age? Why is it a gender war involving beauty of opposite sex? Can dreams of overnight success be real enough?

At first, Momina Mustehsan was praised and applauded for her charming looks more than her voice. It was an attack done by boys to provide a perfected ideal for the girls. Now, a reaction to it came with desi simple chaiwala, Arshad Khan. Youth is creating role models out of apparent beauty and are greatly following them. The associated expression of “going crazy” has now become quite mainstream.

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Arshad Khan, the new role model, has been given an extended hype; though, the photographer, Jiah Ali, deserved the honor of appreciation for her art of editing flawlessly. It was her portrayal of a simple man which made him appear so splendid and heroic.


From another perspective, the idea of “luck” seems very much real. The unrealistic dreams of overnight success are coming true based on beauty. Eccentricity with individuality is what’s being appreciated in present age. So, all it takes is an acceptance and acclamation by social media to get your success bar flying up in days.

Ripples got created even in London about #chaiwala. That is how social media can make stars out of ordinary people.

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As a teacher or a parent, should I now teach my child about social media rather than principles of morality and decency?

I worry for my youth who may set undeserved role models as their ideals and spend their life struggling for fame and happiness.

Arshad Khan has been signed as a model by an online retailer Fitin which is a great beginning of an unexpected career for him. Meesha Shafi is to sign the blue eyed young man for Lipton ads.

Isn’t it great and unbelievable? But, is it going to last longer than this? Can it be a permanent success?

A chaiwala turned Fashionwala! Why is this need to label a person necessary?

A chaiwala turned Fashionwala! Why is this need to label a person necessary?


We need to appreciate the deserving lot so our youth may work for their way to success. The despair that I have seen in the eyes of children who put a lot of effort in life yet fail to make an impact made me plead everyone to raise their standards. Give the deserving a due share. We need to have better role models. Our Youth is learning even from our foolish acts and setting them up as their ideal code of conduct. It is giving them a false idea that life can be lived without an effort with the motto of

“Do nothing, Have everything”

Written by Samina Fazal

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