The importance of Keeping a Regular Diary

Life is too fast for us to keep track of the order of everyday events. Sometimes, one wishes to recall the exact date of a specific event but fails to do so. It so happens that you need to tell your companion of that amazing concert you went to some summer but you clearly don’t remember which one. Some people take medicines on alternate days. One can clearly forget if it was Wednesday or thursday when he took his last pill. Oh dear, the dentist asked me to come to him for root canal. Was it this Friday or this Saturday? Keeping a regular record of everyday events, through a diary, is a great way to organise your thoughts and events and keep record of all the events in your life.

The varieties of diaries depending on Age

People of all ages keep diaries in their own special ways. Kids like to address their diaries as an imaginary friend, as the pour their souls into them. Teenagers like to do the same, except for considering diaries as a living object. Adults take a more direct route; their diaries are usually not filled with emotional liners but contain information regarding their daily chores.

The Content

Kids like to scribble down whatever happened that day and try to add their own opinions in between the lines. They add each and every detail to justify their experiences. They usually talk about things from an emotional point of view; Dear Diary, Today, I was very sad because I had a fight with my best friend. She told me I looked like a moose with my big nose. Well, I never! She has a nose bigger than I do! So I told her she looks like a rhino because of her weird nose and she said she hated me because I am rude. Was I rude or honest? I don’t know but now we are not talking to each other.

Adults like to keep the info brief and to the point. Their information revolves mostly around what they did in a passivating manner; My Friend Meg came today. Her daughter is getting married this 20th. Went shopping today because Sarah needed something for her farewell party. Today is also our anniversary, Andy decided to celebrate it with a cake and a pizza.

The Frequency

Some people like to write daily, before going to sleep, recording everything of the day. Some people add an entry whenever something exciting happens and that could be any time. Others go for a weekly diary, recording only the highlights.

The importance

  • All your regular stuff becomes organised
  • You can always refer to this diary when referring to a past action, for example how much money did you spend this summer etc
  • For children, its a great way to improve their creative writing skills.
  • It helps you improve upon your lifestyle, for example, you can write your daily exercise routine and then check after a while how you are doing.
  • It’s also a source of reminiscing; reading old accounts and remember other important stories


Article by: Kashmala Adil Qazi

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